Kim Kardashian Gets Brutally Roasted for March for Our Lives Photoshop Fail


Hundreds of thousands of people stepped out to protest gun violence in the USA and the control of the NRA over American politics this weeked, and Kim Kardashian was among them. The reality star suited up and headed out to the march in DC Saturday, March 24, with her husband Kanye West and daughter North West by her side. The famous family made their voices heard and marched alongside teens from all over the world who are sick of being gunned down in their classrooms, on the streets, and in their homes… but that’s not really what people are talking about.

Instead, Kim’s social media posts from the day are taking center stage when it comes to the family’s attendance at the rally. Fans are calling out the Instagram queen for an embarrassing Photoshop fail that appeared in one of her photos on the historic day.