Luann and Thomas D’Agostino, Jr. Reunited?

Ex-couple spotted in the Hamptons

Could it be? Are Real Housewives of New York City star, Luann de Lesseps and her ex-husband Tom D’Agostino, Jr., working out their differences? Absolutely not! Don’t be ridiculous. The two were both spotted in the Hamptons this past weekend, but unfortunately, not together. Both of them were with their exes.

It is without question, these two have shared a true whirlwind romance. It included a marriage of 215 days, cheating allegations, a divorce and numerous headlines. But Luann is tired of it all and just wants to move on. In an Instagram post, last week, she posts a meme of John Goodman holding a gun that reads, “If I see one more Luann divorce post. This b—h is gonna snap!” To which she captioned, “#snapped #moveon #Iam”. Boy, is she ever!

Credit: Instagram @countessluann