Luann Caught in Bed With Another Man Before Arrest

If only they made it to the right room...

Luann de Lesseps didn’t go on a drunken rampage alone. It turns out that she was romping in bed with a man minutes before assaulting an officer and getting arrested.

On Dec. 23, The Countess headed down to Palm Beach, Florida to spend time with her family for Christmas. She met up with her friend Julie Olson at the Colony Bar for a few drinks in the early evening. It’s believed that Julie has an apartment at the hotel.

Luann had a male companion in tow that night, and he may have gotten just as intoxicated as Luann. The pair left the bar to go back to their room, number 327. They miscalculated and entered into room 407 instead, which was unlocked because a maid was cleaning the room.

Credit: Bravo