Lydia and Meghan’s Religious Feud!

It's on, and the Bible is in the middle of it

Meghan Edmonds and Lydia McLaughlin are at odds right now, but it’s definitely not the typical feud you see on The Real Housewives. Meghan was upset that Lydia was morally opposed to Meghan’s psychic friend being at a party, and Meghan was upset that Lydia wasn’t accepting of the friend. The entire feud boiled down to religious beliefs. Though they seemed to be arguing about the same thing, there may be far more going on underneath the surface.

The entire row began when Meghan threw a party earlier in 2017; she invited a psychic to the affair to perform readings on the guests. The psychic was only meant as entertainment, but Lydia took great offense to it. She did not participate in the reading.

Credit: Bravo