“You’ve Always Been A B****,” Says Sugar Bear’s Bride to Mama June

Is Mama June planning to crash Jennifer's Big Day?

Mama June and Sugar Bear … what a couple they were, huh? Together they raised the ever-charming Alana (Honey Boo Boo) that we all know and love. They were married for a while, but their marriage wasn’t always … awesome. As a couple, they were resilient though; they went on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars to work on their communication and infidelity issues. (Sugar Bear’s infidelity issues is much more accurate.) Sadly, shortly after the show, the couple split for good. Not long after that, Sugar Bear was engaged to Jennifer Lamb.

Our beloved Mama June was crushed at her ex’s engagement so soon after their breakup, but she vowed to show up to the wedding looking better than ever, and the show Mama June: From Not to Hot was born.

June Shannon held up part of her vow, as she is now a slim size four; all that’s left to do now is show up at Jennifer Lamb and Sugar Bear’s wedding looking amazing. Which brings us to this freshly brewing drama. It seems like Mama June was uninvited to see Sugar Bear and his new fiancée’s highly anticipated walk down the aisle. What does the new Mrs. Bear have against Mama June?

Credit: We TV

Mama June is planning a wedding day surprise for Sugar Bear
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