‘Real Housewives’ Villain Engaged

She kept it a secret for over a year!

Wanna know a secret? Our favorite Dallas housewife has been engaged for a year! Ms. LeeAnne “no bull, but all horns” Locken has been engaged to Rich Emberlin since last year! The Real Housewives of Dallas shared with the media that she is excited to be able to wear her ring. “I’ve been engaged for a year,” LeeAnne says. “It’s about time!”

LeeAnne and Rich, who have been dating for eight years, got engaged on the show; during Monday’s episode of RHOD we got to see the beautiful moment (which actually happened last October). While playing a balloon pop game at the Texas State Fair, Rich surprised LeeAnne with a ring, which she found when she popped the right red balloon.

Source: Instagram @leeannelocken