‘RHOC’ Cleaning House? Another Star Fired After Peggy Gets the Axe

This is major!

Real Housewives of Orange County is in for a huge shake-up. It’s already been revealed that Peggy Sulahian won’t be coming back because of the bad blood between herself and many of the other Housewives. She was the instigator in many petty fights with the other ladies, and she distanced herself from her brother Pol’ Atteu because of his sexual orientation which caused even more ill-will with her co-stars.

Now, it looks like another member of the cast is saying their goodbyes. Lydia McLaughlin was allegedly told that she would no longer be a Housewife, simply because she wasn’t entertaining enough. Considering Lydia already left the show once, she may feel like this is a blessing in disguise.

Credit: Bravo