‘RHOC’ Cast Turns on Meghan Edmonds for Stirring the Pot

Is she meddling just to be relevant?

Meddling Meghan strikes again! Now in her third season on Real Housewives of Orange County, Meghan Edmonds is being accused by her cast mates of stirring the pot just for the hell of it. The most vocal accuser? Kelly Dodd.

But what did Meghan do to rile up her cast-mates? In a recent episode of RHOC, we watched Shannon and Kelly as they finally buried the hatchet. While that moment was nice, we later learned that Shannon may have been recording the conversation for nefarious means! Kelly, who was paranoid that Shannon might be trying to set her up, mentioned her fears to Meghan. Kelly asked that Meghan give her the opportunity to discuss it with Shannon herself, but what did Meghan do? Immediately after leaving Kelly’s, she called Shannon just to stir things up.

Luckily the the feuding Housewives defuse the situation before things get ugly again, realizing that Meghan is the one who started it. “When you left, Shannon called me right away, and she’s like, Meghan just called me. And told me what you said,” Kelly told Meghan.

Cue more drama!

Source: Instagram @meghankedmonds