Throwback Alert: Insiders Spill the Tea on Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ Relationship!

Fifteen years later, the real story's coming out!

Once upon a time, The It Girl Britney Spears dated N*SYNC member Justin Timberlake. They were America’s sweethearts. Remember those years from 1999 to 2002? Remember those innocent times even before we’d ever even heard of a Kardashian? The paparazzi chased them everywhere. Britney’s star was shining brighter and brighter everyday and tweens couldn’t get enough of boybands like N*SYNC. The two connected on the set of The Mickey Mouse Club and seemed to be truly in love. It was a fairy tale. Or was it?

All these years later — post-KFed, after Britney’s breakdown, and with Justin’s wedding to Jessica Biel long-past — the truth is coming out. Looks like things weren’t all matching denim suits and smiles after all…

Crerdit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images