The Deleted IG Posts of ‘Siesta Key’ Stars Are the Absolute WORST

These are seriously upsetting

If MTV is great at one thing, it’s cranking out reality TV hits. Teen Mom, Are You The One?, The Real World, The Challenge… I mean, I could go on and on. While the network hadn’t really given us a new location based, “rich kids living their lives” type show since the days of Laguna Beach and The Hills, they tried to revive the genre with their newest installment, Siesta Key, this summer. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Siesta Key follows a group of college-aged kids spending the summer in their secluded island town of Siesta Key on Florida’s Gulf Coast. And, um, let’s not beat around the bush: it’s bad.

From stale storylines to irritating cast members to stiff voiceovers and overproduction, reactions to the series have been negative from the start. Then, believe it or not, things got worse for the cast.

Thanks to some social media sleuths, the internet learned that the show’s star, Alex Kompothecras, was tangentially involved in a not-so-good-actually-really-bad video depicting animal abuse that made the rounds on the internet a while back. Alex has denied any involvement in the video, but confirmed that he does know Michael Wenzel, the man who appears in the video dragging a live shark in the wake of his speed boat.

Credit: MTV