Wardrobe Malfunction: Shockingly Skinny Tara Reid Accidentally Flashes Cameras

She's got nothing at all to hide!

Tara Reid once had a very promising career, but it all seemed to go downhill as she got more and more into hardcore partying in the early and mid-2000s. Her increasingly frail physique was a huge concern to people who thought that she just wasn’t eating. After some years of obscurity, she experienced a huge resurgence in fame when she appeared in the first Sharknado film in 2013. The series is on its fifth installment, and Tara is doing better than ever career-wise.

However, people are concerned that her health is slipping away just like it did all those years ago. She’s flattered by the concern, but is done being told she’s too skinny.

Source: Instagram @tarareid