‘Teen Mom’ Star Finally Gives up Drugs After Suicidal Scare

Things are looking up!

Mental illness has been a big factor in Teen Mom since the very beginning. After all, an unexpected pregnancy while you’re still a child can be very traumatic for many people. The experience can be difficult to grow and live with for the rest of your life.

Many of the Moms still struggle with depression and other mental afflictions. Luckily for others in simular situations, they tend to be outspoken about their brave battles against the sicknesses they have. However, one other thing that is a big factor in Teen Mom is substance abuse.

Self-medication with substances such as alcohol or drugs is not uncommon for those with anxiety or depression, but, for some, it can lead to even more complications down the road. One Teen Mom star in particular, Catelynn Lowell, has dealt with this over the years. Now, after returning from treatment for suicidal thoughts, Catelynn has decided to go into 2018 completely sober.

Source: Instagram @catelynnmtv