Facts You Didn’t Know About the Late Aaron Hernandez

His life was like a Greek tragedy

Aaron Hernandez has been in the news a lot lately; the former star football player was completely disgraced when he was arrested for the ultimate crime of murder. After being sentenced to life without parole for the crime, he was implicated in a double murder; it seems like he had a long history of violence. Though he beat the charge, he took his own life days after his acquittal. He was found dead in his prison cell, hanging from a makeshift noose attached to his bunk in the early morning hours of April 19th, 2017.

How did this renowned football player fall so far from grace and into an early grave? These facts about his life may give you some insight into the mind, heart, and actions of Aaron Hernandez.

Credit: Jim Rogash/Stringer/Getty Images

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