Never Forgive Never Forget? Kim and Caitlyn’s Feud Reaches Breaking Point

It's time for this feud to be laid to rest

The relationship between Caitlyn and the Kardashian Klan has been on the rocks for a while now. The feud initiated itself shortly after Caitlyn aired some of the powerhouse reality star family’s deepest secrets in her tell all, The Secrets of My Life. With ex wife Kris Jenner being the main target of most of the incriminating details, it’s easy to understand why the family has been in an uproar about whose side to take. One of the hardest ones to crack in terms of reconciliation for the family has been reality TV mogul Kim Kardashian. But, could Kim have had a change of heart when it comes to reconnecting with her stepdad?


See the reasons this lady is ready to put a truce to the feud!
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