Gavin Rossdale Is Top 'In Touch' Hot Pop

Gavin Rossdale Is Top 'In Touch' Hot Pop-photo

Gwen Stefani's arm candy, Gavin Rossdale, has been awarded In Touch Weekly's number-one pick in their list of top 10 famous fathers.

In Touch claims that the former Bush front man's presence in his son Kingston's daily life qualifies him for the top of the list.

The runnerup was Stop-Loss star Ryan Phillippe, who recently went public with new girlfriend, Australian actress Abbie Cornish. Despite any personal problems with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon, the magazine recognized Phillippe for being such a "natural" dad.

Tom Cruise nabbed the number three spot, and if you've been keeping up with the TomKat talk, it's not really clear why. Maybe because he managed to achieve a feat defying the laws of nature.

Other top pops in the mag include David Beckham, Adam Sandler, Jack Black, Will Smith and Ben Affleck.

Gives "daddy dearest" a whole new meaning, dontcha think?



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  • bawwow


  • hwoodgrrl

    gwen and gavin are the cutest parents ever. their kids are going to be raised so well :)

  • hispanicatthedisco

    That SOB stole my girlfriend!

  • laffylila

    the best father is the one with the most presence in his kid's life.... hmmmm what about the gifts and monetary substitutes for a father figure?

  • drama4mama

    Adam Sandler's kid.... if it weren't wearing a dress I wouldn't know what gender it was .

  • pictureperfect

    Violet Garner has the best parents.

  • blondebomb33

    gwen's kid is sooooooooo cute!