Hat's On to Daniel Craig

Hat's On to Daniel Craig-photo

Not everyone can rock a Panama hat effectively. But then, not everyone is James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

The 41-year-old James Bond actor hit the streets of London to run some errands yesterday, looking suave in his unique chapeau.

No wonder the ruggedly stylish Craig was recently named the ideal cruise-vacation companion among men. In a poll taken by Co-Operative Travel, Craig topped the list  of preferred cruise buddies among male respondents, beating out Leonardo DiCaprio, who was tied for second.

No wonder; Craig could probably wear Bermuda shorts matched with black socks and sandals and still be the biggest chick magnet on the boat.



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  • Benny

    Looks like he bought another "Omega" watch. Cool! Seamaster Pro Planet Ocean?

  • simone ribeiro da silva
    simone ribeiro da silva

    Yes! Daniel Craig is really smart elegant everything. He creates his own fashion that´s nice.

  • leo4ever

    I would SOO pick Leonardo DiCaprio! and that's not just because i'm insanely obssesed with him ;) I love him so much, he's just so cute!! Leo4Ever

  • cb007

    007 You won't be able to leap off buildings, roll around in the aftermath of bombs goin off every where, fly around in speed boats and still manage to keep THAT colour hat CLEAN at the same time. Would Ya??? What would "M" say??

  • cb007


  • cb007

    DANIEL. Don't even think about wearing that hat of ecclesiastical dignity in your next Bond Movie, some bloke on the set, is bound to pinch it, through sheer jealousy 'MAYBE'

  • iheartcelebs

    ps to save all other readers from looking it up: "Chapeau" is a French term signifying a hat or other covering for the head. In heraldry, it is used as a mark of ecclesiastical dignity, especially that of cardinals, which is called the red chapeau. It is worn over the shield by way of crest, as mitres and coronets are.

  • iheartcelebs

    thank you for teaching us all the word "chapeau"


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