Heidi Montag To Lauren Conrad: I Miss You!

Heidi Montag To Lauren Conrad: I Miss You!-photo

Now that The Hills is over - along with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's "show" of a marriage - will Heidi finally reunite with ex-BFF, Lauren "LC" Conrad? Heidi has made more than a few reunion attempts on the MTV airwaves -- only to be shot down -- but now she's trying to win back Lauren and former friend Audrina Patridge via Twitter:

Watching old Hills [episodes]… I miss you @AudrinaPatridge and most of all @laurenconrad.

Unfortunately for the newly-single and possibly lonely Heidi, neither Lauren nor Audrina has responded.

Should Lauren and Audrina forgive Heidi? Give us your opinion in the comments.



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  • bunny

    i say dont be friends with heidi again.. ive been in a similar experience with a girl who was my best friend for 7 yrs we were like sisters until she backstab me for her boyfriend not once but three times...all in a month..sigh it hurts talking about it but she is still with this douchebag who has lied and cheated on her for five yrs now.. i can forgive but i cant forget wat she has done to me and put me through..and i could never trust her. once someone has betray you like that and continues to stay with someone that evil..it starts to rub off.

  • Tasha

    NOOO WAAAYYY!!! Lauren is just happy now so she does not need anymore of Heidi's drama. Heidi,i hope u regret so much with what you've done and all your wrong decisions especially marrying tht MORON!! Seriously LC,I LOVE U SO STAY AWAY FROM THAT BARBIE.

  • Shirls

    I think they should just make up, what's done is and done. I bet if Heidi could time travel back in time she would of have done things differently. We all learn things the hard way and at least she has recognized the error of her way and is making an attempt to reconcile.

  • Iris

    Everybody loves Lauren cuz shes so sweet and down to earth.. Heidi used to be like her, but then she got her brain surgery done. Entering Heidi-Bot.. Now shes nowhere near the earth.. rather lost in space.

  • izzy

    Lauren please, I am begging you.. STAY AWAY from Barbie gone wrong!! LOL. i do kinda feel sorry for heidi tho, it kinda seems like everything she has done so far since being with spencer was him. it seems like she doesnt have a will of her own and she has just realised that. he seems so controlling and just mental tbh

  • None

    Lauren please, I am begging you.. STAY AWAY from Barbie gone wrong!!

  • Mrs_solomon1

    Yes they should forgive her but that does not mean they should be-friend her!

  • anomymous

    I don't think the issue is Lauren forgiving Heidi. Lauren and Heidi don't seem to be on the same path or have anything in common anymore. Lauren probably thinks all that plastic surgery Heidi had is ridiculous and just plain sad. Lauren seems to be pretty down to earth (for a Hollywood chick) and Heidi is at the opposite end of the spectrum.

  • Marlene Ramirez
    Marlene Ramirez

    I think that everyone deserve a second chance even her but I honesty think that it's Lauren that has to decide what she going to do. The thing is that I think that Heidi did indeed chose Spencer over her best friend and all the rumors by Spencer. To me that is huge when your best friend chose a guy over her best friend. But that is just what I think. I hope the best for both

  • lauren

    honestly everyone deserves a second chance i think they should forgive her

  • Colline Porter
    Colline Porter

    This seems like this is the first step to a good friendship. Although, only if Lauren is willing to sacrifice her heart for Heidi. Nobody knows what's going to happen, but it seems like so far, Lauren wants nothing to do with her. Personally, I think Heidi threw their friendship down the tubes for Spencer, who now she is divorcing. So, turns out Lauren was right all along.

  • Iamnotdiddy

    This is news??Seriously THIS IS NEWS?!I just took a big stinky dump....Now that's news...

  • Jonesy

    Hell no!!! She was a fame monster. She traded her friendship with Lauren for a spot in the limelight. Now that the light is dimming she's finding out that she has nothing to show for her stint on the Hills except for clips circulating the internet showing how much a vapid girl she is.