Heidi Montag Has One More Drink

Heidi Montag Has One More Drink-photo

Hills entrepreneur Heidi Montag is still trying to portray herself as some sort of singer. She has a new song, "One More Drink", and you'll need to force yourself to listen to it.

Like her previous single, "Fashion," the best way to describe this latest offering is sounds like a parrot screaming in terror. Don't look for it to land on any Grammy nominations list.

Montag recently compared her own "persecution" to that of obvious Hills fan Jesus Christ.

She also said that she plans to release an album of Christian music. "One More Drink" is about getting sloshed and banging some dude. So unless Christian music is all the rage up in the strip club, she's a little off base.



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    I saw you sittin' there I was tryin' not to stare I wasn't sure if it was you I didn't know just what to do CHORUS Are you drinkin' with me Jesus I can't see you very clear Are you drinkin' with me Jesus Would you buy a friend a beer As I nestled on my barstool I felt your warmness within I looked down at my pants That wasn't warmness I wet myself again CHORUS Does your head pound, Jesus As hung over you do rise How does paradise look, Jesus Through holy bloodshot eyes Should we take a cab home Jesus Man, we can hoof it from here I know you can walk on the water But can you walk on this much beer Are you drinkin' with me Jesus I can't see you very clear

  • lisatee

    those are some ugly ass clothes.

  • outofdesperation

    this chick is going to h-e-l-l along with michael lohan

  • gorillasayz

    She actually looks okay in these pictures

  • buzzbuddy

    Last week she claimed she doesn't drink. This girl is way too much.