Heidi and Spencer Stay in the Spotlight

Heidi and Spencer Stay in the Spotlight-photo

Just when reality TV's two most notorious villains seemed to be laying low for the first time in their fame-driven careers, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have re-emerged, spouting out ridiculous statements and managing to piss off Hills lovers everywhere.

With their supposed upcoming trip to Iraq, plans for a televised wedding, and talk of a possible Hills spinoff, there's no room to wonder why anyone ever cared about them in the first place. 

Seriously, do Heidi and Spencer truly believe that when soldiers aren't dodging bullets they're praying that Speidi will makes their dreams come true with a visit?

With the sliding Hills ratings, is it too much to hope these two will slip back into obscurity?

Probably it is.



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  • libby

    he is sooo insecure, and becomes massively controlling to hide it, but i think to be honest heidi plays on this and uses his insecurities to curb her own and give her a power trip, she obviously always wanted things to be ok with lauren and I think as much as she's not brave enough to leave spencer, she holds it against him a lot and it shows sometimes. both losers!!!

  • fijitasifjias

    these two people are a complete waste of tv time and as for there trip to Iraq what is there purpose nobody cares about them i know for a fact that i don't i really do wish they would just go away because they have no purpose other than being complete asses