The Hills Cast Is Making Bank

The Hills Cast Is Making Bank-photo

Don't read on if you don't want to be very, very, very jealous.

The Hills premieres on MTV tonight, and the Daily Beast has gotten it's hands on the salaries for the main stars of the hit reality show.

Per episode (not even kidding):

Kristin Cavallari: $90,000

Audrina Patridge: $100,000

Heidi Montag: $100,000

Lo Bosworth: $100,000

Spencer Pratt: $65,000

Brody Jenner: $45,000

Do you think they deserve all this bacon? Share your thoughts below!



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  • hannah

    This is absurd !! Who the f*ck is Kristin Cavallari ?!... The Hills without Lauren Conrad is going to sucks. The rest of the cast are a group of unknow people, except Audrina ! Girl leave that patetic show and live your life away of that fake drama...

  • teltel

    that really do nothing they not funny , no example, no message for young girls at they age they just sleep around maybe that s the message.they so dramatic for nothing they like retarded . I never I have time to watch this damn ass they

  • dslkj

    those people make that kind of sickening bacon, b/c the payers are jews. and these kids are jew of jews of jews of jews. man, i wish i was a jew ... making bacon ... oh, the irony.

  • ashley

    That's ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!! if those ppl were famous, but not even that..!ha!

  • fdesignercuttie

    this is just wrong. all this money could go to african people or fair trade or something but this is were it goes too? hmph. one thing, the stupidly dont deserve this.

  • cg

    now I want a BLT.

  • Say What?
    Say What?

    @Tenpenny B level actors? There are 2 things wrong with that phrase, for starters a B is a passing grade, so the Hills people are easily D, at best C. And as far as calling them actors, that's a stretch, and this is coming from someone who saw "Sorority Row"

  • Jen

    I really hope you idiots talking about swine flu at the mention of bacon are joking. I guess it is more interesting than talking about The Hills....

  • Dr. Tenpenny
    Dr. Tenpenny

    The swine flu is not very dangerous, the media is blowing it out of proportion so drug companies can make bank and prepare us for FORCED vaccinations... many nurses are being told take the shot or your fired. As for the hills cast... If enough fools watch the show to warrant the salaries, more power to the B level actors... I'd accept the salary as would you....

  • Tony

    Give me some bacon :))

  • noah'sprodigy

    no, that bacon could be used to make sandwhiches! pEOPLE are dying of swine flu, so beawre of how many you eat!