Hollywood's Most Promising Child Stars

Inspired by budding star Willow Smith, who started a hair-whipping sensation at a mere 10 years of age, Celebuzz rounded up a pack of Hollywood's future Oscar and Grammy winners.

They may look like regular kids, but this group of pre-teens and tweens (all under the age of 15!) boast uber-talent that is sure to transform them into megastars some day. In fact, some of them already are!

Click through to get acquainted with Hollywood's Most Promising Child Stars and tell us in the comments - who's your favorite?



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  • Алиса Лавренко
    Алиса Лавренко

    She's not so talented.Yes she is good at acting but not always.Dakota is real and natural in movies,Elle is NOT.

  • missy

    Oh so it's okay when she uses her sister's fame to get ahead, but not when Willow Smith uses her parents? She is not using her sister's fame to get ahead! She is an amazing actress!

  • missy

    She is SO adorable and is perfect for renesmee! Can't wait!

  • MovieLover98

    She is so talented at such a young age! she was awesome as 'hit girl' in 'kick ass'! which is by far one of my fav movies! I hope she's more successful with her acting career than all the other child star!

  • Ma Cessna Galvan
    Ma Cessna Galvan

    Lots of cuties!!! Cool!

  • lynssy

    Oh so it's okay when she uses her sister's fame to get ahead, but not when Willow Smith uses her parents?

  • lynnnsy

    I don't get how people hate on little kids. Does it make them feel better about their horrible old lives? Or maybe their are just jealous because when they were children they were nowhere near as talented as that.

  • vickiq

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  • a.

    come on guys are you serious you're just pointing out all the negative things about this little girl shes 12 years old for crying out loud - that just makes you look pathetic

  • april

    she's adorable and actually looks 10 great job mom and dad -because nowadays child stars look,dress, and act way older than what they are

  • llala

    her hair and teeth....they both need to get braces or invisaline

  • lala

    dude she needs to get her eyebrows done....but other wise she is so pretty! perfect skin!

  • lala


  • Destinee Linderman
    Destinee Linderman

    he sucks

  • whadayawantfromme

    SHES AWESOME ! future grammy awards winner ! :D

  • whadayawantfromme

    you guys are just being negative ! she rocks !

  • whadayawantfromme

    who is this guy??

  • Sara

    what r u talking about I love him he's amazing just go listen 2 his new song "Waiting Outside The Lines" it's amazing :)

  • erh

    just perfect for renesmee!! she is going to become a great actress!

  • erh


  • erh

    a 100 times better than the smith girl

  • erh

    she is awful!!! why is she dressed like a clown?? doesn't she have any sense of style?? and her hair are like a dirty cat's tail,, i dont know how that came to my mind,, i believe she has a nice voice but she doesnt use it right, whip my hair is one of the most stupidest songs i've ever heard!

  • annabannana56

    I'm loving this one. She did amazing job in ''Kick-Ass''.

  • annabannana56

    He can sing and play piano like any other kid in America. What's so special about him? Oh..right...Gay hair.

  • annabannana56

    Yawn...Boring....Moving on.

  • Donna Keegan
    Donna Keegan

    Kiki is awesome ... pure talent and just a lovely young lady through and through!

  • rob

    since when did being celebrity spawn make you a star?

  • snickers

    i love him in where the wild things are!

  • Abi

    she beautiful.she fit renesmee's role perfectly.omg i cant wait OMG ikr!! :D

  • Corrigo

    WOW! Losing the baby fat and turning into a gorgeous young lady. Please stay the classy lady you already are :)

  • Corrigo

    haha why? He has an amazing voice and he's precious, and he doesn't come across as full of himself at all. I can't see much to hate about this one.

  • Jade Sophie Chadwick
    Jade Sophie Chadwick

    This kid is atchually awesome

  • Bitch

    I hate him so much.

  • Jirlo

    she's a lil emma watson!! she's cute :)

  • tiofania

    she beautiful.she fit renesmee's role perfectly.omg i cant wait