Hookup Alert: Lindsay Lohan and...Balthazar Getty?!!?

Hookup Alert: Lindsay Lohan and...Balthazar Getty?!!?-photo

The good news: Lindsay Lohan appears to have moved on from her oft-stormy relationship with Samantha Ronson.

The bad news: She's doing so with Balthazar Getty. Who, at 34, is just a wee bit older than Lohan. And who still has yet to officially divorce his wife, Rosetta Millington.

People magazine reports that LiLo and the Brothers & Sisters actor—who famously dated Sienna Miller last year—spent some quality time at West Hollywood watering hole Voyeur last week. According to a nightclubbing mole, the two sneaked through the back door to avoid detection, and were "all over each other" at their table, which was situated at the front of the room—not exactly the way to go if you're trying to be stealthy about things.

Lohan and Getty reportedly stayed for less than half an hour before splitting—perhaps to take the party back home?

Doesn't Lindsay have enough problems these days, without risking the wrath of a crazed not-quite-ex wife?

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think it's a mistake for Lindsay to hook up with Balthazar?



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  • Sprmcandy

    Lindsay has beautiful killer legs.

  • Basil

    It's a hoax and persons at the club have already denied it. Apparently the fashion specialist (or whatever he is), Cojo, makes tweets for fun. Among the ones from the same day were Angelina Jolie arriving in LA for the adoption of a new baby and Kristen Stewart dating Portia DeRossi. After making a crack pipe joke about Lindsay he then made a Lindsay and Balthazar together joke. All tweets and blogs come directly from this one source (once again - if you check the person's tweets they are all jokes). I tweeted several people there and none recalled even seeing Getty. Some stated Getty may have been confused with Poot, a close friend of Lohan's, who was there. Lohan was also not seen over anyone but kept to herself and a small group of friends. Ben Lyons, one of Ronson's closest friends, was at Voyeur the same night, hung with Lohan, and has stated he never saw Getty there.

  • damion

    probably bs. lohan cant chat to a guy without people writing hook up stories, yet all we see is her running around after sam ronson. if true they would be like the worst couple.

  • Janie Marcus
    Janie Marcus

    I want her to get more plastic surgey. She'd look soooo good with a new chin and a little botox.

  • edie

    stories exsagerated she was just probaly talking with the guy she's to wrapped up with ronson to do anything like that so soon sorry can't believe this one