'Inferno' Filmmakers Support Lindsay Lohan

'Inferno' Filmmakers Support Lindsay Lohan-photo

The top brass behind Lindsay Lohan's upcoming film project are cautiously standing by their star in the wake of her recent failed drug test. Chris Hanley, producer of the Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno, admits he's "not happy" that Lindsay's slip-up could affect the film's shooting schedule, but he still supports her.

"We are not expressing irritation," Hanley tells People. "That is not to say we would not be upset over a breach of the court by Lindsay that has affected her personally, or the potential production schedule or location of the production significantly."

Hanley pointed out that Lindsay's battle with addiction is not exactly uncommon among Hollywood actors.

"We do believe that Lindsay's talent does weigh very heavily in this matter," he said. "Addictive personality disorder issues are pervasive in the film industry. I have worked with Robert Downey and others on movies I have made, and, frankly, talent and passion for a project matter the most to me."

Responding to reports that the Inferno filmmakers were irritated with Lohan, director Matthew Wilder tells People: "Did this throw us for a U-turn? Yes. But no one has conveyed any pissiness about it."

Should Lindsay's filmmakers support her through her addiction issues? Give us your opinion in the comments.



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  • justice

    How is one use of a sustance, in three years an addiction problem? If that was what the reading or situation really was.

  • anirbansil

    I don't want My QUEEN LindsayLohan to do NUDE roles in Inferno.I LOVE her but also at the same time RESPECT her.Don't wanna see her Naked as a Porn Star,there are still other Good Roles in Hollywood.

  • Marcus Wright
    Marcus Wright

    Any other studio wouldve ditched Lindsay long ago. And to see that they are still willing to wait for her only means that they truely have nobody else for the role.

  • Tara

    You know why they keep supporting Lindsay…because they have no one else for the role. They are a Mickey Mouse production studio, they make D-lister look like A-listers. The movie script is damn awful and sleazy that not even struggling actors want to be associated with this film in fear of hurting their resume. Any girl who read the script were turned off immediately once they read that there will be a sex scene with a dog (not a joke…google it) and a hardcore gangbang scene. Lindsay agreed to do this movie because she is so whacked out of her mind and sooo desperate for any type of role.