Happy Birthday, Quentin Tarantino!

It took Tarantino over a decade to write the screenplay for Inglourious Basterds.  He started working on it before Kill Bill, but because he could not decide on a proper ending, he decided to put it on hold. The film tells the fictional alternate history story of two plots to assassinate Nazi Germany’s political leadership, and thus, Tarantino originally intended to title the movie, “Once Upon a Time in Nazi-Occupied France.” Instead, he gave that name to the first chapter of the film.  Nonetheless, he has received quite a bit of speculation about the misspelled title he finally decided upon.  His reaction? “Here’s the thing. I’m never going to explain that. You do an artistic flourish like that, and to explain it would just take the piss out of it and invalidate the whole stroke in the first place.” In the end, Inglourious Basterds was a box office smash, earning more than $321 million.