Jade Goody: "Short Time To Live"

Jade Goody:

Ailing celebrity Jade Goody only has a short time to live, and has reportedly already said goodbye to her loved ones.

The former star of Big Brother in the UK, diagnosed with terminal—and spreading—cervical cancer, recently underwent surgery to ease the pain caused by her illness and is recuperating from the procedure.

"It's heartbreaking to see Jade like this, she's such a brave girl. She really needs to be surrounded by her friends and family at this time," a friend told the Daily Mail.

Her new husband Jack Tweedy was recently found guilty of assaulting a teenager with a golf club, but has been allowed to see his wife and apologize for his criminal behavior in the past.

"I was given permission to spend the night with Jade. I'm so happy—I just wish I could be there all the time. I told her I'm so sorry for my behavior in the past. It's meant I haven't been there for her the whole time," Tweedy told the press.

"I told her I've let everyone down but I've learned my lesson. And I said I'm worried that, once again, I won't be there for her and the family when they really need me."

Goody's publicist Max Clifford acknowledged the media coverage of the dying Goody could be considered slightly distasteful, but it has been something Jade wanted.

Goody has said in the past that she wants to ensure the ongoing education of her two young sons by selling pictures of her wedding to Tweedy to magazines, and documenting her cancer battle with a television special.

"Jade likes and enjoys the media spotlight. You have to marry all of these things. But if she continues to be in the kind of pain and condition she is in, then my advice increasingly will be, 'Don't you think enough is enough?,'" Clifford said.

"We're hoping and praying that Jade pulls through, but the fact of the matter is that she now only has a short time to live," he confirmed.



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  • Charlotte

    I am sorry for the way she is.Not to worry god will take care of her children.Love and regards from the people in India.

  • beverley

    I would like 2 say wat a brave woman,i cant imagine half of wat ur going through and so young and leaving 2 precise little boys behind. i think your a remarkable woman who was loved a lot and will be sadly missed. you will never be forgotton. One whos had such a hard time in life but was a credit 2 others and was a wonderful mother. May you soon be in peace and out of all this suffering and i no your heart will always live on. Goodnite Jade sleep well luv and kisses for u and your boys at this saddest time bev xx god bless u xx

  • margaret mccully
    margaret mccully

    god bless u jade.if only we could ask for the bad people in this world to be taken & leave the good i think your name would be first on the list to stay right here u have so much love to give & receive to,my heart goes out to your family,but i hope you find peace after all your suffering,my prayers go with you babe xxxx

  • sue


  • holly

    Jade hun.! im only 13 and i just wont to saay god bless you and i love you very much i dont wont you too go i really dont your so funny and you seem really fun!! i had a friend called tie and he died soo he is only 8 now so he can look after you and will you look after him to i love you jade let the angils be with you all the time god bless you your very much loved i love you love hoolly x

  • hope

    It's wonderful to read all these sincere comments. I am so tired or reading stories that Jade's fans 'obsession' with her illness is somehow macabre. Jade let us all into her life and that makes us feel we know her as a friend. If a friend of ours was seriously ill, of course we'd want to have regular updates on how they're doing, 'are they worse? better? what's being done about their pain? etc. I wish Jade and her family peace at this time.

  • lauren

    jade.i dunno where to start.i loved you on big brother i thought you were just great! and knowing at you only have a couple of hours left,it really heartbreaking.everyday after skool when im in the garage for lunch i always see the newspappers and you on the cover.its always getting worse,i wish your family love and saport,god bless you.ou will be in my prays.luv ya Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ciara

    I send you love and healing for your pain in your last hours of life, may your courage live on in your precious sons, float peacefully when its your time jade ... god bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ciara

  • noreen martin
    noreen martin

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  • Prabal

    The current situation is very sad. So much suffering will not go well with those who have been diagnosed with this disease. It does seem to me that there is, no cure for this disease and it doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor. As far as Cancer and its treatment is concerned, I feel nothing that completely cures this menace , will appear in the next 100 years. Massive amounts of money and research is needed right now! It should be a global effort.

  • carolleb

    All I want to say is how I feel about this lovely girl, she isnt perfect but who is we all make mistakes in life, but she does not deserve this, to die so young and leave those lovely children is heartbreaking, it makes me so sad to see it. I wish that she could survive but knowing cancer so well I know she wont, but god bless her and those boys.

  • Lilly

    Jade, words are so inadequate at a time where you're going through so much.You are so,so brave.I have always watched you whenever you appeared on tv, and found you very entertaining.You have been more than a good mum to your two beautiful sons, and have given them a wonderful start in life.Something which you never had. My heart goes out to you at this very difficult time.love to you and your beautiful sons- and not forgetting yor dear mum.God bless you my super star From Lilly

  • tracey coogan
    tracey coogan

    god bless u pet, life is so unfair, i send my luv 2 u ur precious little boys and ur extented family, also 2 max clifford 4 beeing a good friend more than anythin, my thoughts are wit u all at dis diffucult time xxx!