Jake Gyllenhaal Buys Taylor Swift a Fairytale Movie Date

Jake Gyllenhaal Buys Taylor Swift a Fairytale Movie Date-photo
Is Jake Gyllenhaal lobbying for the title of World's Best Boyfriend?

Hollywood Life reports that the Love & Other Drugs actor—who's lately been romancing Speak Now songbird Taylor Swift—rented out an entire theater so that the pair could watch the Rapunzel update Tangled in privacy.

Gyllenhaal reportedly purchased every ticket for a screening of the movie at the Regal Hollywood 27 theater in Nashville during the first week of December. Says a source,

"They casually walked in with security, but the security stayed outside the theater door. So that means they were alone...Workers were told ‘absolutely nobody in the theater!’ and very few people knew they were going to be there."
This is just the latest report of Gyllenhaal's über-generosity toward his former flame; according to earlier accounts, the 27-year-old actor chartered a private jet so Swift could join him in London and purchased a $10,000 guitar signed by country-music legend for Swift as a present for her recent 21st birthday.

Do you think it's healthy for Jake to continuously shower Taylor with such lavish presents? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • simplydiffer

    WHAT KIND OF GUTAIR COSTS $10,000? MADE OUT OF f*cking GOLD? And the only reason Jake showering Taylor with all these gifts so he can get into her pants. Typical guy move. Jake, chill out! Y'all ain't gonna be together for much longer. Then she gonna write songs about you. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Taylor please chill too! Like this man is gonna stick with a GIRL. Love you, but you are not a woman. You got some growing up to do before you get there.

  • sydsouth

    * She plays games with guys, just cuz she's pretty, I used to do that until karma came and smacked me in the face, then making me realize how my actions could turn into worse things, or make ppl make the assumption of me being a slut....my verdict, is that she needs to slow down & stop switching boyfriends (boy toys), so quickly!! * =Peace

  • v

    NO!!! They wouldnt make a great couple together. wtf im just a big fan of jake and im soooooooo jealous

  • no

    First of all Jake is 29 (30 on Sunday) not 27 years old. Second of all Jake was in Australia the first week of December with Anne Hathaway. He already left Tennessee by then. This story is fake.

  • M

    come on, it's not like Jake spent his whole monthy wage on this...