James Franco Explains His 'General Hospital' Gig

James Franco Explains His 'General Hospital' Gig-photo

Many people were mystified when bona fide big-screen star James Franco decided to take a role on long-running soap opera General Hospital.

In an effort to clear the air, the Milk actor sat down with New York magazine and, to hear him tell it, transitioning from big-budget movies to a quickie daytime drama hasn't been a cakewalk.

Says Franco of his experience filming GH,

"It was kind of mind-blowing. I've worked one day on it. It's one day of a few. But I think we packed seven episodes of my material in. They gave me a script for the day that was as thick as a film script and that's what we planned to shoot in a single day. No ad-libbing. If I needed it, they said they had a TelePrompTer, but the regulars didn't use it so I didn't want to use it, either. Anyway, I'm pretty good at remembering lines."

Unfortunately, the Pineapple Express star stayed mum on the nature of his character ("I don't know how much they want you to reveal"), and he's uncertain whether that character will be killed off in typical soapy fashion ("I don't know what's going to happen. It's all open").

Guess we'll just to tune in to find out.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think it's a mistake for Franco to get involved with soap operas?



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  • Jenny B
    Jenny B

    I think it's amazing that he's doing GH. The soaps need help, and even if you don't watch, people should be concerned about Daytime Drama, it's what women have!! They've been on air for several decades and the fans are truely hurt by the recent cancellations of our beloved soaps. He's doing a great job on General. His character is tied to Jason, on of the main people. Franco is mysterious and is bringing much needed change to Soaps. The storyline is very movie like and we are all super excited to see a major film actor try out soaps!! Thank you James Franco!!!

  • ludmilla

    He is playing an artist named Franco. I think that this and the 30 Rock cameo may both be related to his work with Carter, Erasing James Franco. Anyway, it's got me watching a soap for the first time in many a year.

  • vpopadiuc87

    he is gorgeous!!!