James Woods and Danielle Panabaker's Head Game

James Woods and Danielle Panabaker's Head Game-photo

Onetime Shark co-stars James Woods and Danielle Panabaker had a literal meeting of the minds for lunch at L.A.'s Cafe Med in the Sunset Plaza; he's a member of Mensa International and she graduated high school when she was 14.

And don't think they slipped away from the date before the paparazzi caught them smooching, a trend that really seems to be catching on this week.

Mental capacity and lip-locking aside, let's cut to the chase—James Woods is 61. Danielle Panabaker is 20.

Yes, there's something very wrong here... mainly, isn't she a bit old to be dating James Woods?



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  • anncarolyn

    JAMES WOODS was a 'member of MENSA...' long time ago ! nice to see him back to a good movie, as STRAW DOGS. Was about time. Great actor. ANN CAROLYN, Beverly Hills


    see pix on 'gettyimages.com' / February 2009 = Actor J. WOODS has been seen in New York, 18 Feb. 2009, with Danielle Panabaker.... JEREMY ROBB


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