Jennifer Aniston Celebrates 'Bring Your Smile to Work' Day

Jennifer Aniston Celebrates 'Bring Your Smile to Work' Day-photo

Jennifer Aniston seems to be adjusting to single life nicely.

John Mayer's former flame was on the Brooklyn set of her upcoming movie The Baster on Tuesday, filming a restaurant scene. From the look on her face, she must have ordered up a side of sunshine with her meal.

Aniston's elevated mood was a drastic departure from a recent sighting, when she attempted to evade the paparazzi by doing her Grim Reaper imitation.

Apparently, finding out that you narrowly avoided making a permanent commitment to a mankini-sniffer does a lot to brighten a gal's day.



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  • alcatraz

    I did not know it was bring you smile to work day! Imagine, how someone can live as long as I have and completely miss something as basic as this. Of course, it's a lot easier for actors to purchase smiles than the rest of us. I mean, they get paid for having one handy. Now me, I think I could pick one up at Wal*Mart, but am I going to lose my job if I don't? Anyway, thanks, I'm sure this will come in handy one day when I'm up against it, and then I'll remember, "Hey kid! It's bring your smile to work day in America! And you're not doing your part, and even worse, that means your not doing your job, so get the **** out of my ***** face!"