Jennifer Aniston Vs. Angelina Jolie: Verbal Catfight

Jennifer Aniston Vs. Angelina Jolie: Verbal Catfight-photo

While the world is in a frenzy wondering whether or not Jennifer Aniston is actually pregnant, the actress is purposely inciting a bit of drama on an old score.

Life & Style notes that in Jen's December Vogue interview, she tosses out fightin' words toward husband-stealing Angelina Jolie.

“What Angelina did was very uncool,” snipes Aniston, referring to the fact that her then very much married husband, Brad Pitt, was poached by Angie while Jolie and Pitt filmed 2005's Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Apparently, this is the first time the Friends star has slagged Angelina by name for publication.

About time.  After all, everyone else is mad at her, too, Jen.

Because since Angie's sin, the world has watched you make one bad relationship mistake after another. After another. After another...



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  • dannyboy

    i hate how when jen gets in shape they say its to get back at angeliona like there lives revovle around pissing eachother off they got over it

  • carol

    angelina is much more beautiful than jen and angie was more capable of being a parent to her children and a wife to his husband.

  • carriebradshaw

    When Brad and Angelina first hooked up I admit it seemed dodgy, but since then numerous reports claim that Brad and Jen's marriage was over before his union with Jolie. Even Aniston herself has recently claimed there are no heroes or villians in their divorce. I think that confirms Brad and Angelina were not cheaters. Or why else would she admit that? Unfortunately, countless women who drown in their own insecurities still insist to call Angelina a husband stealer (like that can really happen)??? And why is it Brad's fault the marriage failed? A woman can't be at fault? Don't you find it strange that since after her divorce Jen has not been in a real relationship? And I'm not talking about the fake romances for PR reasons (Vaughn, Mayer). Maybe it's her. Maybe she's not the sweet girl next door women insist she is. She's NOT Rachel from Friends, or do people not see that?

  • Stephanie

    Wow could Jen honestly be any more pathetic? Seriously the girl needs to move on. And she needs to stop blaming Angelina because it all comes down to Brad and his decision. If Brad was married to Jen and he cheated with Angelina than that would be his fault. Jen is obsessed with Angelina because Angelina is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Jen ain't got nothin on Angie. Period over. I love Angelina and Brad together they are an inspiration to everyone because they are beautiful inside and out. Everything happens for a reason.

  • JUJU


  • Kat

    I guess you know that love finds us in unknown ways, many times as painful as in case of Angelina and Brad, I am sure they didn't want to hurt Jen, just came out so hard... and I think on all three. Is there anybody who wants to throw the first stone, are you perfect? But look how much better are at least two of them.

  • Vanessa

    people can have their opinons on Angie and Brad because of their Humanitarian projects and looks (Beauty Fades) but the fact remains that they are nothing more then low-down cheaters who are in acutality cold and heartless to feel no remorse about their actions...I can see straight through both of them like glass for who they really are...

  • Rae

    so what if Angelina mentioned how and when she fell in love with Brad Pitt? and how long ago was that? Is it really worth bringing all this up again? Move on Jen because it obviously it is still affecting you and why I don't know. Angelina and Brad have there own life and if you are so over Brad then why does it bug you where and how Angelina and Brad met? Everyone is really getting sick of hearing you whine and you bringing this up Jen is making you look even more pathetic.

  • ME!!!

    jennifer is such an ass. she always tries to make her self seem like she's so innocent and Angelina is the one doing everything wrong. i used to like her but now it just seems like she' trying to make eveyone go against Angelina. She really just needs to get over the fact that Brad is married to someone else. She had her chance already so she needs to let Angelina have hers. Honestly the whole jennifer being pregnant with twins thing doesn't seem right to me. it seems like now that Angie and Brad have a big family...all of a sudden she wants to have kids of her own. This whole thing is just wrong...jennifer needss to get on with her life and leave Angie and Brad alone already.

  • kel

    Jen is not saying it's Angie's fault, she is simply saying that publicly discussing details of when she fell in love with Brad is uncool. I have to agree, it doesn't matter how long it's been who wants to read that while you were still married and unaware your husband was cheating on you. We will never know the details of all that happened unless that is Angie keeps opening her mouth! Why would Angie want to confirm what everyone thought (they were having an affair before the marriage was over)?? She has done just that and now she has opened old wounds. I think Jen is finally standing up for herself and saying what happened was not right and stop rubbing it in my face. She is not placing blame on anyone person...........

  • northcacalac

    I agree- get over it-If Brad was happy then he wouldnt have messed around.Yeah they were married but,if someone can take your man,have six kids with him in less time than Jen was married to him, then what can ya say- Thats life!

  • vpopadiuc87

    It takes 2 to tango but vows mean alot too !

  • daisy

    Brad was the one who was married to Jen and really it is his fault. There will always be people out there waiting to snag someone's spouse and there is nothing that can be done about it. For some people the appeal of sneaking around and stealing someone's significant other is fun-usually because it means that there will be less committment. Been there and done that and while it is easy to hate the woman who drew the couple apart-marital vows should have kept Brad loyal to his wife.

  • vsunshine31

    why do you guys blame angelina jolie all the time its not her fault that they fell in love, and the truth is temptation is always there its up to the guy if he will pursue and apparently he loves her too so all the haters out there you need to get a life because jennifer is happy concieving john mayers baby.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Verbal catfight's not good enough. Jello wrestling at dawn!