Jennifer Garner's Fairy Godfather On Her Mothering Skills

Jennifer Garner's Fairy Godfather On Her Mothering Skills-photo

Victor Garber is the pregnant Jennifer Garner's former Alias co-star (he played her Dad) and one of her closest friends in real life. He says that she's got momhood down pat.

"She’s with child and she’s never been more beautiful,” Garber told People an event in Beverly Hills on Friday night.

“She’s wonderful. She’s probably the best mother I’ve ever witnessed.”

Garber would know. He's intimate friends with Jennifer and her husband Ben Affleck. In fact, he was the only one present at their wedding in 2005.

This will be her second child, and she's more than ready for it.

“It’s her second child,” Garber said. “She knows what to do.”

He seems to know what he's talking about. Violet Affleck looks like a very happy baby.



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