Be Smart with Your Carbs

Contrary to popular belief, carbs are not evil. Both Mascitti and McGee recommend a well-balanced diet that includes carbs — the right carbs, that is. To help new mom Hilary Duff lose the baby weight, Mascitti made sure she was eating the right stuff at the right time. “Hilary was eating six small meals throughout the day and the only time she was consuming starches — gluten-free bread, buck wheat noodles, brown rice or sweet potatoes — was for her pre-workout meals so that she had extra energy,” Mascitti says.

For clients looking to drop pounds quickly, McGee also recommends watching the clock when it comes to consuming carbs:  “Try not to eat carbs after lunchtime,” she advises. “Start your day with slow-burning carbs — steel cut oats, or quinoa porridge. You can have a yam or brown rice or another whole grain at lunch as well, but keep your dinners to proteins and veggies and have some berries for dessert. You can drop extra pounds quickly by doing this.”