Jennifer Lopez Reinventing Herself as "Glitter Cat Superhero"

It's a new year, a new decade even, and in the spirit of reinvention, Jennifer Lopez launched into 2010 clad in a bold new look.

Lopez, ever the trailblazing diva, is not one to limit her stylistic sensibility on acccount of the fact that our culture hasn't yet reached the futuristic space-societies imagined in science fiction films like Blade Runner and The Fifth Element. As far as Lopez is concerned, the future is here and now, so why don't we all go ahead and start dressing like space heroes made of star power? You kind of have to applaud that kind of fearlessness in the face of looking totally ridiculous.

Click through our gallery to witness J. Lo's whole skintight, sparkle-clad bodysuit debacle for yourselves.



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  • jenluvzrob


  • jenluvzrob
  • w t f
    w t f

    w t f j lo what happen to ur big a$$.... b!t(h sorry but it looks flat as a pancake

  • E. Lara
    E. Lara

    I think Jennifer Lopez is a very beautiful girl and there is a lot of jealousy going around. Especially from Beyonce who copies every move Jennifer makes. If Jennifer paints her hair green the next day Beyonce paints her hair green. She is the number one envious of Jennifer Lopez. Who wouldn't kill to have Jennifer's body. So she chose a bad outfit, we all do at some point and time. At least she is creative in her dressing and tries anythng. That's cool.

  • orinfine

    the dancewear should have been brighter. the rhinestones didn't do it for visibility with that color. the stage was too dark and the dancers wore all black. she should have done what ross did in central park, way back: bright red sequined body suit.

  • orinfine

    Zoom in to see the under-boob sweat. it's a shadow. this is the 200th birthday of photography. learn to look at it.

  • Blush Biggavel.
    Blush Biggavel.

    wtf is this? lOl

  • Blush Biggavel.
    Blush Biggavel.

    hmm nice body..

  • them right ther
    them right ther

    um ma'am, marc anthony called, please stop doing that. youre not lady gaga thaaaaaanks good call my friend, good call!

  • i want to know
    i want to know

    is that a zipper near her crotch, or a crease or sweat stain?? I want to know!

  • arizona

    horrible outfit....

  • xatrax

    Gracious. That is just not working for her.

  • lynzeelee

    camel toe says "what" LOL eeeeww, I hope she was prepared and bought some vag cream! YOu nasty Yennifer!

  • doug

    Gravity has set in her $1,000,000 insured asset.

  • penelope

    OMG......... J-Lo Budget!!!!!! She looks horrible in that cheap cat suit.

  • obsessed

    really ugly shiny outfit. why would she wear this!!?

  • Lovie pie
    Lovie pie

    JLO gettin some head while on stage or whats going on in this pic???

  • roeschs3

    um ma'am, marc anthony called, please stop doing that. youre not lady gaga thaaaaaanks

  • heidi

    eww you could like see the hole where her vag is.......somebody should put "insert here"

  • noah

    She stole Gold Dust's wrestling outfit.

  • tatts09

    hmmm..don't think your hubby would like that...i wonder if her outfit scratched the poor dudes face....

  • tatts09

    why is celebuzz trying to make us all blind?

  • tatts09

    she kinda looks like a part of the new years day decoration that decided to to spring out to sing a crappy is up wid all those fricking rhinestones???

  • regans

    Zoom in to see the under-boob sweat.

  • sarah

    come here adams fans, and show the whose the real gliitter star! Adam was the best that night by far! and he wasnt even on tv

  • sarah

    what was she thinking? yuck