Jeremy Piven Is a Jaywalker

Jeremy Piven Is a Jaywalker-photo

Entourage actor and man about town Jeremy Piven was snapped jaywalking on L.A.'s Melrose Avenue on Tuesday.

Piven had visited the men's Alpha store and stopped in at Mr. Tea. He then confidently sauntered through traffic back to his Range Rover.

Apparently, Piven could care less about California laws; he was recently photographed illegally using his cell phone while driving. Rebel without a clue!

If anyone knows Los Angeles, jaywalking is practically a capital offense. He risked immediate Taser, handcuffs and booking.



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  • chichilavie

    True story: I almost ran over Mr. Prickven later that evening while he was jaywalking across La Brea near Melrose. I did not stop for him, but he completely stopped traffic behind me. He must make enough to not have to worry about the cost of new legs.

  • xoxojaniepie

    at least he looked both ways before crossing!