'Jersey Shore' Cast Goes On Strike

'Jersey Shore' Cast Goes On Strike-photo

The cast of Jersey Shore has reportedly gone on strike. Are you willing to cross the picket line?

TMZ reports that JWoWW, Ronnie, Sammi, Pauly D, and Vinny have told MTV that they refuse to continue filming until they can renegotiate their current contracts.

The cast is gearing up to film "at home" scenes for season three, which is rumored to have them going back to their old Shore house in Seaside Heights. Originally, the return to Seaside Heights was reportedly supposed to be part of season two but MTV decided to split it up into two seasons.

TMZ reports that Snooki, one of the show's breakout stars, is allegedly considering going on strike as well until they can all negotiate a better deal (read: more money) for their contracts.

The cast reportedly feel that they can make more money doing appearances than they can by appearing on the show. However, maybe no one told them that without the show those paid appearances might dry up pretty quickly.

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    the manman

    get a new person nicknamed 'the resolution' with abs better than mike's.. PLEASE?

  • rsac3

    why they just can't cancel that damn show...

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    woo wooo

    cant replace vinny!!! he is to damm HOT!!!!!

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    Oh gosh..just get other people n replace them! pretty sure they can find more ppl out there like that w/ nice bodies n bad tans...

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    Ok, this show is wayyy over rated. There are so many guys out there that aren't famous with abs better than "the Situation". Snookie is a chubster that is known because of her wild antics and poofy hair. Jwoww looks like a hooker. Why is everyone hyping this show up so much. It's drama is all that is interesting and entertaining. I swear these days you don't have to have any talent to be known.

  • annabannana56

    Whatever. They suck!