Yet Another 'Jersey Shore' Cast Member Goes On A Punching Rage In Miami

Yet Another 'Jersey Shore' Cast Member Goes On A Punching Rage In Miami-photo

It looks like the cast of Jersey Shore is discovering that even though they have no problem punching (and being punched) for short-lived fame, other people don't take kindly to being their punching bags.

Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola (a.k.a., "the other one, no, not JWoWW") is the latest Jersey Shore cast mate to generate controversy with her punch-happy guido rage.

Sammi allegedly punched a fellow female nightclub patron, Kristen DeMinco, after Sammi thought that Kristen was hitting on her boyfriend (Ronnie?). According to Kristen, Sammi got nasty pretty quickly.

From PopEater:

She exchanged bad words at me [...] I exchanged bad words back. She hit me twice in the face and I just backed off right after that. I didn't want to get involved in a fight.

Naturally, Kristen went to the Miami Beach Police Department to report the assault and told reporters that she was planning on filing a civil lawsuit against Sammi and MTV, who Kristen feels shares part of the blame for encouraging their fame-hungry reality stars to act like monsters:

This isn't acceptable for people to be going around hitting people just for TV. I think it's wrong of MTV, I think it's wrong of them. I think they do it on purpose.

This isn't the first time that someone who was attacked by a Jersey Shore cast member has alleged that MTV encourages their stars to beat up on people: Pauly D and MTV are currently facing a lawsuit from a man who was punched by Pauly in season one. In Pauly's case, the man suing alleges that MTV encouraged Pauly's bad behavior.



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  • anonomoys

    [Kristen has been dating my coworker for the past 6 months so obviously she has not been sleeping with your friend. her boyfriend lives nearby and she comes home in the morning from his house, she does not stay out until 8 am, and has never injured anyone else. obviously you dont know her at all and need to get your facts straight. maybe you should stop stalking her because she doesnt even know anyone in her building

  • coco

    Kristin lives in my building and was recently sleeping with a friend of mine. I work in entertainment and am familiar w/ media&money hungry people. She had a DUI a few months ago and caused injury to someone else, resulting in her loosing her license & job as she could not get to work. Kristin had been posting on facebook that she needs a job and money. Sunday she posted online that she had 8 staples in her head from the fight and a black eye. Monday at 8am I was exiting my elevator to go to work and she stumbled in DRUNK, you could smell alcohol and she could hardly stand. I noticed that she did not have staples in her head. Later that day she posted pictures from her night out on Saturday and events at her apartment after she was â??assaultedâ??. Didnâ??t look too upset at all. Her facebook is now shut down and I assume this to be due to the fact that it is obvious that she is fine & looking for money to get a new car from her DUI. This girl is total trash.