'Jersey Shore' Cast Renegotiating Their Salaries—Again

'Jersey Shore' Cast Renegotiating Their Salaries—Again-photo

Apparently, $5 million a year just isn't enough to keep The Situation in the lifestyle to which he's become accustomed.

The New York Post reports that The Situation and his Jersey Shore castmates—Snooki, Pauly D and the rest—are about to renegotiate their contracts with MTV, in anticipation of filming a new season of the hit reality show. According to a source,

"The cast are all about to start talks for a new season. Producers want to film in Miami again next spring, and they want to lock the cast down now. The problem is that most of them plan to demand their own spinoff show as part of the deal, as well as a large raise on their current pay."

The cast received a huge pay bump in July after going on strike while filming JS's "2.5" season, with the cast members reportedly landing close to $30,000 per episode.

Do you think the Jersey Shore gang will end up negotiating themselves right out of a job, or is it a smart move for them to get while the getting is good? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • Snooki-is-a-whore

    JERSEY SHORE is a complete waste of time. They are pathetic whiners and disgusting human beings. I unfortunately watched an episode and am certain that brain cells disappeared.


    They are EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA! It disgusts me that these losers get paid to go out and party and sleep with slutty bitches...this show is degrading to women. They should be egged in the streets. people in recession who need to find work and these trash hoes are getting paid hundred of thousands of dollars for doing f*ck all! f*ck JERSEY SHORE!

  • vipprettygirl18

    I think they should make a other Jersey Shore! MTV should make Jersey Shore like The Hills. But this is more juicy then the hills. and a lot of people watch this show soo MTV would get more money off this show

  • Elizabeth

    I enjoy watching the show but I truly think that they are getting a little over their head. I think if they keep asking for more their going to end up with none.

  • jess

    i need to know when jersey shore three is going to air so i can set my dvr ahead of time

  • Large

    They have to get while they can. More power to them, the show is a hit and it's because of the cast. If MTV can afford it which they can they are better off giving it to them instead of cancelling the show. But this negotiating will go down to the end just to get the free publicity. At some point down the road though the show will end because it will be too expensive to produce with those high salaries and then the cast will probably will never be heard from again. No way will these guys/girls get real acting gigs. If you can call them actors.

  • blow

    Jersey shore sucks Jersey shore sucks

  • Ben

    I think the show has no purpose other then to show how to pick up girls and fight with your friends. I say cancel the whole dam show and put on something better. I guess we need a better "situation"

  • CJ

    jersey shore is stiupid and pointless. it should of been meant to do like the real world and end after the first season. the cast needs to get a life they are barely c list celebrity, if that and will be the first to go. they give italians a bad name and should just disapear from the media.

  • Bob

    Bring on many more seasons of JS !!!

  • nespartofre

    "Do you think the Jersey Shore gang will end up negotiating themselves right out of a job...." God willing.