Jersey Shore's Snooki Won't Stop Flipping Out (VIDEO)

Jersey Shore's Snooki Won't Stop Flipping Out (VIDEO)-photo

If you watch Jersey Shore, you probably know Snooki aka Snook aka Princess of Poughkeepsie aka "everyone's favorite pocket-sized drunken 'Guidette'."

After she got completely annihilated in the first episode, she apologized and won our hearts. And, if you've seen the previews for next week's episode, she gets knocked out by a guy at a bar. Epic heart-wrenching stuff here, people.

Anyways, we've discovered that Snook isn't just a pro at downing shots. She's also really really good at beach-flipping. Intrigued? Confused? Dismayed? Just watch the video below:

The newest episode of Jersey Shore airs tonight! Who's excited?



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  • i hate Jersey
    i hate Jersey

    I hate all the ppl frm jersey shore they are so fake!

  • Taylor

    It's ironic that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino tells how health is so important to him, yet he smokes and drinks almost every day. Just saying. The outside probably doesn't match the inside, and that is what health and taking care of yourself is really about not just looking appealing.

  • Taylor

    lol that was not snooki...

  • livilu1

    i love jersey shore

  • Steve Lam
    Steve Lam

    the concept of the show was exciting. everyone wants to see a bunch of shiny losers act like brainless idiots. its just too bad the one scene that put the show as buzzworthy (aka snooki getting punched) wasn't even aired! its funny because isn't 'the situation' almost 30 years old??? and hes parading around, clubbing and acting like he hasn't even finished college yet. everyone loves this show because it makes you feel waaaay better about yourself by watching a bunch of clueless dolts! this is the whole point of 'reality' tv!

  • noah

    That was about as exciting as colon cancer.