Jessica Simpson: Back With John Mayer?

Jessica Simpson: Back With John Mayer?-photo

Is Jessica Simpson trolling familiar waters in her quest to find a replacement for ex-boyfriend Tony Romo?

In Touch Weekly reports that Simpson, who split with the Dallas Cowboys quarterback in mid-July, has quietly begun hooking up with ex-beau John Mayer, who ditched her in 2007 after the two had dated for a year.

According to an insider, Simpson crawled back to Mayer and the two have been quietly getting together recently.

Does she think that things are going to turn out any differently this time around?

Readers, let us know in the comments section: Do you think it's a mistake for Jessica Simpson to hook back up with John Mayer?



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  • Justin

    Shes a very beautiful women any man would be lucky to be with her! I'm not sure about personality though. I'm sure shes a great women, besides John isn't even goodlooking. Nick was good looking so was Tony Romo, coming from a straight man btw. She could do a lot better!

  • Jennifer Anniston
    Jennifer Anniston

    Jessica, Jessica, Jessica... what is your problem? Why is it that so many pretty women cannot keep men? Beauty must be skin deep!

  • teri

    there aren't any pictures of them together. even with so many horrible things happening to her i doubt she is desperate enough to take that sleeze back. hopefully the rumors that her and colt brennan are together are true. wow he's hot and would make her feel so much better. stay strong jessica.

  • Krexie

    OH Lord, Jessica, i hope its not true, the guy is a douche-bag, and he must be good in bed because the ladies love him.

  • Katie

    We don't hear any denials.

  • reneelucky7

    Either she is desprate or stupid- is't this the same guy that dumped her and embarrassed her online? Damn she is so f*cking stupid. She give blonds a bad name.