Jessica Szohr Goes Naked for SoBe (PHOTOS)

Jessica Szohr is wearing absolutely nothing but some smartly-placed paint for SoBe's new Lifewater ad campaign, showing the world a whole new perspective of the Gossip Girl actress.

The campaign, which last year featured Twilight vixen Ashley Greene, has Szohr showing off her figure while posing around a Costa Rican jungle. Various types of paint cover up anything that might set off any nudity alarms, but even so, the paint job leaves little to the imagination.

Click to see Jessica's Nude Paint Job, and leave your thoughts in the comments!



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  • Maryouma

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  • Hafiz

    I’m not entirely sure what a sminokg hot actress in paint clothes has to do with water Well, I really wish I had a bucket full of it and was standing right behind Jessica right now. Maybe THAT's the angle?

  • lully

    is she naked? is that really body paint?

  • psychokittyd

    i always thought she was beautiful... way cuter than ashley greene.

  • sophie1986

    I'm not entirely sure what a smoking hot actress in paint clothes has to do with water, SoBe corporation, but I do know that you're DOING. IT. RIGHT. More companies should take your lead. Need to advertise used cars? Hot chicks in High-speed Internet? Hot chicks in bodypaint. Hot chicks in bodypaint? Hot chicks in bodypaint. In conclusion, hot chicks in bodypaint.

  • soph

    ashley greene's pictures were better

  • hsh8383

    she's hot

  • Britt

    Why is everyone getting naked for an ad? Shows the lack of creativity in advertisement.