Jessica Szohr to Sink Her Teeth Into Piranha 3-D

Jessica Szohr to Sink Her Teeth Into Piranha 3-D-photo

Jessica Szohr is about to take on a role with serious bite.

E! Online reports that the Gossip Girl actress has signed on to star in Piranha 3-D, a  three-dimensional revamp of the 1978 cult classic Piranha. The movie tells the tale of a lakeside town that's besieged by a vicious, razor-toothed fish.

Also starring in the flick—which begins filming in Lake Havasu, Arizona, this month and is slated for a March 2010 release date—are Elisabeth Shue, Ving Rhames and—in a nod to is role in the 1975 classic JawsRichard Dreyfuss.

Szohr will be playing Kelly, a local girl who gets swept up in the wave of co-eds who descend on her town for spring break. Sounds like a bikini will be in order.

Good luck, Jessica! At the very least, the film will give you a break from the sucker fish you're usually attached to.



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