Jodie Foster Shocked By Kristen Stewart's Hollywood Success

Jodie Foster Shocked By Kristen Stewart's Hollywood Success-photo

Kristen Stewart is one of Hollywood's most popular actresses, but her former costar Jodie Foster never expected the Twilight star to stay in the business.

Why? It isn't because Kristen isn't talented but Jodie just never expected Hollywood to embrace such a non-mainstream individual.

"She's a great person, and I'm not surprised she's gone on to to do great things," Jodie told E! Online's Marc Malkin, "But I am surprised she is an actress ... Even though her mom said, 'No, she really really wants to be an actress,' I felt like, Nah, she won't because she really doesn't have the stereotypical personality."

Jodie first met Kristen on the set of the 2002 thriller, Panic Room. Watch the trailer below.

Kristen has taken shots for awkward interviews and not living the typical Young Hollywood in-the-spotlight lifestyle. KStew talked to London's Telegraph about the issue in September:

I am quite shy and people think I'm aloof. I get that all the time: 'She should not be in this position because she can't handle it,' and, 'She is stuck up and doesn't want to talk to anybody. She is miserable, and if you are so miserable stop doing it.' But do you have a choice? I want to be an actor, I am just not very comfortable talking about myself.

While Kristen may not have "a stereotypical personality," many fans have embraced her for her non-traditional attitude towards Hollywood.

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  • danielle

    i love kristen, a lot... she doesn't like any other hollywood actors/actresses... she is not belligerent and she used to be timid, which i love the most.. she is just being true to herself that if she can do one thing, then she would do it... go kristen, love you much... god bless...

  • tam

    >Why? It isn't because Kristen isn't talented but Jodie just never expected Hollywood to embrace such a non-mainstream individual.< That's not what she said. She said that she's shocked that Kristen is acting because she doesn't have the personality for that. She hates doing promos or talking about her movies. It's like working as a host for a show but being very shy.

  • name

    that trailer was really good

  • Kristel

    I admire and respect her. She's talented and sincere. I hope she finds the strength to keep being true to herself and not get discouraged by nasty comments that are made by narrow-minded people who think there is only one way a celebrity should be and look like.

  • haha

    she sucks ball at actin , and bc of pot

  • Like a G-6
    Like a G-6

    she's yummy. there isn't a thing wrong with her! hollywood is a sh*t hole and she's is well aware of how much better than the entire lot she is! bravo hottie! and snaps for the babe R.Patts. Reeer.

  • may

    Her attitude is why i love her! She is so awesome. I've never had such a strong girl crush on any other celebs before. Kristen is just so amazing! There are so many haters appearing after twilight saying that she cant act bla bla. But the truth is, twilight's script sucks. it took only a week to write it. And bella is made out of words, a living thing cant possibly be the perfect bella as described. Kristen's other movies are all good stuff. i love indie films!

  • Aitch

    Jodie is explaining the appeal KS has for so many people. It seems like KS is gradually being changed into an "acceptably feminine" little starlet. I wish she could just stay true to herself.

  • Debz Hill
    Debz Hill

    but tht is why people like her because she is not the typical hollywood actress. she is down to earth and normal. she didnt want to be famous she just wanted to be an actress cause she loves it

  • ninalow

    foster wasn't shocked by her success, she was shocked she was still acting. Let's face it, most child actors grow up to be lindsay lohan train wrecks, or struggling types who hold onto their last remnants of fame, at the expense of their reputations. Kristen doesn't come off like a beggar that way, so I can see what she means. Kristen seems to be one of the few child stars who transitioned into early adulthood functionally.

  • simplydiffer

    i completely agree with her. she's nothing like every other movie star out there. she seems real. like if you met her in the street, you would be comforted that someone that acts like a normal person can make it big like she did.

  • caroline

    misleading title, but jodie foster elaborated in the interview that she wasn't your average little creepy child star type and didn't seem to have the fame addict gene, nor did she have stage parents.