Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene Kissing! (PHOTOS)

Last week, photos showing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing stopped the hearts of Twilight fans, and now there's photo proof of an Ashley Greene-Joe Jonas kissing connection as well.

Greene and Jonas, who have been rumored to be dating for weeks but never officially confirmed by either celeb, were snapped giving each other a kiss on the lips in the middle of a New York City street. So much for keeping private!

What are your thoughts on them as a couple? Love 'em? Not a fan? Also, what should their name be? Jashley? Gronas? Leave your thoughts in the comments!



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  • Girl You Don't Know
    Girl You Don't Know

    so sweet it's great couple no joe should be with Demi

  • Tyler

    curse dem!

  • lilia

    i thought he didnt like to show affection in public that is what he told demi lavato he is an *** hole

  • amostiest

    she nasty she f*ck anything and even animals like dog horses

  • MzJasperHale

    i know right. ashley should stick to jackson

  • sexy123

    not get on joe. we alo live ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • ecyor

    seriously people, i think they don't kiss

  • Cathy

    Isn´t it weird, that the man´s arm has a cut? Don´t hate on me or anything, but realle, when you look at the pictures, they don´t seem quite real to me.... I don´t say that I don´t like them, I´m just sayin´.

  • azra sena
    azra sena

    Ashley should be with kellan lutzz!!

  • Meskellator

    Man whore ¬¬ purity ring my as s! nd ashley...........seriously? he's kissing her not having sex with her in the middle of the street

  • whateverr


  • mahalia

    I honestly do think joe is a man whore i mean you break demi's heart and what it takes you 3 in a half months to get over her seriously get over yourself maybe you need to be single instead jumping to one girl to the next so freaking fast and ashley greene and a jonas seriously she has a bitchy attitude i mean she got all mad cus kristen rob and taylor got paid more than she did bitch your not the star of the movie get over yourself and joe it is really disappointing how you did demi like that she said you were her first serious relationship and you break up with her because you didnt want to enter fear with you guys realationship as friends? You realy know how to break a girls heart and ashley its not like he's going to get over demi that fast like wtf he has to see her on tour so obviously he's going to think about the memories together your just setting yourself up for another heart break and joe your honestly puthetic she was better off with nick of this is what your going to do to demi .

  • Dracula

    She is dating Joe because he is famous. Look at all the pubilcity this getting............. I bet you she knew it would get alot of attention. Clever famewhore isn't she? Personally, though, I'm rooting for her to break JoeBro's heart.

  • vicki


  • Sarah Jane Arcand
    Sarah Jane Arcand

    Everyone shouldn't worry too too much. There's obviously no connection. They're not even touching besides the lips. She'll regret it later on. XP

  • katebird

    o and Gronas sounds like an STD.

  • katebird101
    katebird101 we have the pics of them about to kiss..but were is the ACTUAL kiss? It would be so much more entertaing to watch Joe squirm at his next interview.

  • lisbeth25

    I don't see what the big deal is with the Jonas bros. They aren't good looking, and yet they manage to date really pretty girls and end up breaking their hearts . Shes way too pretty to be with him.

  • kahras

    ashley should be with jackson rathbonee !

  • babe

    I thought she's with Jackson. o.O

  • Bee

    eww. thats probably the unsexiest kiss i've ever seen. joe looks retarded and ashley looks it me or is is ashley greene the biggest effin fame whore? are we really supposed to care about them?YUCK

  • jesslynluvrobsten

    well,that's good!

  • Brazilian

    They look seriously good together! s2

  • Dee

    Wasnt she just in a pic kissing Brock Kelly before she went off for her London Eclipse premiere.

  • monica

    ew ew ew ew ew, they are so not going to last more than 2 mounths. it doesnt even look like they know wat they are doin.

  • Doyinsola Maggie Ajaii
    Doyinsola Maggie Ajaii

    hahah, this look like, she is doing Grrr! or Rawr hahahahahahahahahahaha...yeah...

  • Doyinsola Maggie Ajaii
    Doyinsola Maggie Ajaii

    i dont thnk she lyks him,i mean cmon look @ aw dey re kissing,..soo gross,..i hayte demm 2geda...yuck..

  • isabella

    nooooooooooooo lo puedp creer ashley ??????

  • Sheryl

    I would like to call Jogreene :D

  • Dana

    Is it wrong to say that I hope he gets his heart crushed? uhhhm your a bitch? Wtf would you wish that. Your such a monster.

  • Dita

    boosting each other popularity?

  • jess

    What the heck Ashley!!!! You can do a lot better than him:)

  • emilyway

    come on!!!! seriously? ashley can do so much better!!! i would like it better if she was with Jackson... and again... SEriously??!!!!

  • mca

    first taylor,they broke up. then demi, they broke up too. now ashley?really joe??i used to like him.

  • unknown

    aww soo cute

  • rachel

    ...he's 12!

  • Laura Chaney
    Laura Chaney

    Where is your ring, dear Jonas?

  • caitlin


  • riff_raff

    Ashley Greene is in my opinion perfect...Jock itch jonas doesn't deserve her!

  • fanny

    noooo...joe porque :S

  • Inna

    lol tbh, that looks extremely akward. joe's heads like bent weird, and shes like a foot away w/ her hand kinda blocking him from getting any closer haha whatever. they're happy. i'm fine. Don't really care much for it. Joe's still a serial dater. That's not gonna change. She's gorgeous. she could do way better, js.

  • Molly Willis
    Molly Willis

    whatever makes them happy i suppose. By the way, Joe didn't take a vow of solitude, his purity ring means he only abstains from SEX, he can have as many girlfriends as he pleases. I much preferred Joe and Demi, even as friends, but we can't really choose for them.

  • simplydiffer

    Man whore ¬¬ purity ring my as s! nd ashley...........seriously? that's what i was saying. his purity ring went flying out the window when he started dating her. her reputation is definitely not aligned with purity.

  • buzzy

    would a 'great guy' break up with his girlfriend for another girl? this guy couldnt make a relationship last if his life depended on it. the only jonas brother who knows the meaning of the word 'commitment' is kevin who married his girlfriend of about 10 years.

  • reem

    joes a great guy! you guys are stupid. if ashleys happy, let her be happy. damn.

  • Demi and Miley
    Demi and Miley

    Does anyone like Twilight I don't.

  • Demi and Miley
    Demi and Miley

    Ashley come on what is your problem why in the world would you kiss one of the biggest losers in Hollywood Ashley you just lost a fan.

  • sym135

    he is gonna totaly break her heart and she is so out of his league

  • duka

    What is this month year? Makeout month. This celebs can't keep their lips to themselves, and this paparazzi people don't know how to use a damn camera.

  • buzzy

    im sorry....but this will NEVER last. ashley-the sext, sex tape making, nude photoshoot posing party girl and.....joe jonas.....the purity ring wearing good boy. she's gonna want more than he can give her.

  • alexandra2354

    I just can't believe this, OMG ASHLEY, YOU CAN DO SOOO MUUUCH BETTEEERRR!!!!!!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU???????? I agree with u

  • Erene Queen
    Erene Queen

    gronas sounds like " GROSS "

  • iras

    so sweet it's great couple

  • jess

    isn't it a bit funny that the photos when the two are not kissing are crystal clear, whilst the one that they are kissing is blurry.....

  • jj fan girl
    jj fan girl

    i'm a joe fan but i have to admitt that joe has no purity ring 4 a while.maybe because of ashley.she has a lot of experience and joe... i don't know anymore.i think they had sex.oops!i hope this ain't true!i love joe!

  • mememe

    are they trying to be like robsten? please...

  • IRealyDontLikeAshleyG

    This is such an obvious PR stunt its kinda disgusting.. They were seen together once and then everyone started talking about ashley and joe as if they were together and all of a sudden after the media and fans made them a couple they are seen everywhere together.. See, that right there is what you call a Fame Wh*re

  • L

    has anyone else also noticed that Joe doesn't wear his purity ring anymore? seriously, I saw some pictures when he was with ashley. no ring. lol

  • lilia

    i think he is a *** hole how can you do that with demi lavato and say that he was not feeling it but you asked her to be with you and now your with ashley greene sick ass poeple


    i dont understand how this could be soooooo out of focus. I'm a photographer and i know for a fact it shouldnt be that blurry.

  • Palomaa-

    really a jonas brother? that's a little disgusting.

  • christina


  • bj

    anna-it doesn't matter if they're good looking he's a whore!!!

  • bj

    he doesn't deserves her!!!

  • bj

    ohhhh nooooooooo ashley why r u doing this!! we all now you're gonna break up he's a whore a think his longer relationship last 5 months

  • notafan

    They look like brother and sister. Look at the Robsten pics if you want to see a hot couple.

  • italian

    And Demie?! o.ò omg....

  • loren

    I've heard she's really really wild. With him being a Christian... we'll see how it goes.

  • Lesile

    Is it wrong to say that I hope he gets his heart crushed? Yes. It is. Why does it matter? Neither of them are going to date their teenie fans anyway.

  • yah thats right i said
    yah thats right i said

    Is it wrong to say that I hope he gets his heart crushed? no its like u took words out of my mouth

  • itsClauu

    hahah, this look like, she is doing Grrr! or Rawr

  • itsClauu

    Well, so nice couple! hope joe don't broke up with the realtionship with her like he did with demi, lol :)

  • Anna

    come on ppl! if they are happy why do u care?? leave them alone...they are both really good looking!!

  • NMS

    Is it wrong to say that I hope he gets his heart crushed?

  • unknown

    he looks way more into it than she does

  • :)

    she could do so much better!

  • Anya

    I don't care what people are going to call them, just not Jashley .. Cuz Jashley = Jackson Ashley

  • Cunnie

    she is soo pretty, what is she doing with him?!

  • annuk

    ah come on Ashley... ew

  • rsac3

    I just can't believe this, OMG ASHLEY, YOU CAN DO SOOO MUUUCH BETTEEERRR!!!!!!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU????????

  • Alejandra Franco Arias
    Alejandra Franco Arias


  • Candy

    Man whore ¬¬ purity ring my ass! nd ashley...........seriously?

  • jkerh

    Seriously, Ashley??

  • kat

    lol. super close up!

  • simplydiffer

    she really doesn't look like she enjoyed it that much

  • simplydiffer

    well, at least their outing photos are clearer than kristen and robert's....