Joe Jonas Splits With Demi Lovato In Least Graceful Way Ever

Joe Jonas Splits With Demi Lovato In Least Graceful Way Ever-photo

Oh, Joe Jonas; you really are going for a spot in the Bad Breaker-Upper Hall of Fame, aren't you?

The Prettiest L'il JoBro has reportedly broken up with his sweetheart of several months, Demi Lovato. And his means of dumping her top even his tactless split-by-cell phone that he infamously laid on Taylor Swift a couple of years ago. According to sources, Joe had his father, Paul Kevin Jonas Sr., break the bad news to Demi.

Silly Joe—doesn't he know that's what personal assistants are for?

Can't wait to see how Joe tops this one. His next girlfriend should probably look forward to Joe tying a breakup note to a rock and hurling it through her bedroom window when the time comes.



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  • DeannaKatarina

    Oh come on Joe, if you seriously broke with Demi through your dad you are a major douche bag. What is wrong with this guy; I think because he is sooooooooooooooo popular that he just thinks he can treat ppl any way he wants with no respect at all. This should be a good sign to any other star who has seriously though about dating him. NOT!!!!!!!

  • Katrina Gulinao
    Katrina Gulinao

    i love demi

  • jen

    lmao actually believe some retarded rumor you heard??? You are dumber than I thought!

  • JoeJonasHater

    Joe should feel horrible for doing that.She's so nice I had a Meet and Greet with her.She was very nice.I feel so sorry for her.

  • lulu

    he see demmi like a friend not like a girlfriend

  • Joe Hammer
    Joe Hammer

    Joe is a douche lol. Demi needa non Star to date just a regular guy.... :/ Joe is talentless and retarded and only famous because of the popularity of Nick. if Nick wasnt in group anymore the other 2 wouldn't have a job anymore.,.... thats TRUTH

  • roeschs3

    demi is waaaay to awesome to be with a jonas brother. like seriously. but hey, you know they'll be back together in sept just in time for camp rock 2. in the meantime, please dont go back to trace demi! haha

  • regans

    Joe never got over Camilla Belle. Plus, he's on a straight path to being obsolete.

  • ghettoRocKsTarR

    i used to have the hugest crush on joe and then when he started dating taylor swift i hated her, even that was like the first time i heard of her, then hey broke up and i realized what a great person and artist she is. then he started dating demi and i hated her even though i used to really like her everything i liked before about her i suddenly hated but now i think i'm starting to really dislike joe it seems he's got a really huge ego... seriously wats up with telllin the whole world you broke up with her.. she seems to be handling it way better tan taylor did. i wonder what taylor would've done if joe sent his dad to break up with her???

  • Charm

    Maybe now Demi will come down from her high horse and treat her best friend (Selena Gomez) with some respect. Afterall they were once upon a time best friends

  • Britini95

    Joe just told that he broke up with Demi. Did he have to say that, to tell the world you dumped her? He said he would rather be friends. I hoped Demi doesn't get all depresed again. Afetr she broke up with Trace Cyrus, she seemed pretty sad. I think they may hav lasted longer if Demi wasn't so gushy about it. I think guys get annoyed by all that. There's this MTV interview video online now, and you can literally SEE the akwardness and tension. Sorry to keep re-posting, it just that new things keep coming up!

  • ella

    Love Joe & believe in him. Eff all this. LOL.

  • silly

    I also thought this fake relationship would have ended after Camp Rock II. Maybe it wasn't fake afterall.

  • silly

    Why do little girls love this douche? Little girls are so weird. They can't tell when their teen idols are gay and they can't see how big an a-hole others are.

  • xxrejectedxspiritxx

    Well i knida expected this a little later in the year but hey??It was bound to happen sometime....Hehe i bet demi wishes she had ACTUAL friends now dontcha'?,(referring to slutey a.k.a Miley) But then again most people didn't like them at all so.....

  • Britini95

    WOW, Demi just tweeted that she and Joe did break-up..but not over the phone. She also wrote that they will stay friends, but celebs always say that. How sad, they should have just styaed friends.

  • Britini95

    That's pathetic, really? Making your dada do your dirty work? I hope this isn't true. I know that she is in South America and they could break-up face to face either way. People said they broke up, but gave no reason. She seems just fine on Twitter, Twitting happily, seemingly a-okay.I think they went too public too fast and it put too much pressure on them. I can't image how akward touring will bw now! I guess that's why you don't mix bussiness with pleasure.

  • thisisthebest

    i seriously doubt he made his dad do it for himgood luck to them both though I agree. I don't think he would do that. It could possibly be true because with that whole Taylor Swift know.

  • Cari

    i seriously doubt he made his dad do it for him good luck to them both though

  • Cláudia Duarte
    Cláudia Duarte

    please tell me he really didn't do that... how immature! =/