Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift: It's Over!

Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift: It's Over!-photo

If Taylor Swift cried easily before, she must be swimming in her own tears right about now.

Us Weekly reports that Swift's boyfriend of several months, Joe Jonas, broke up with her earlier this month—and the heartless cad did the deed over the phone!

According to an insider quoted by the magazine, "He broke her heart."

Breaking up with a girl you've dated for months over the phone, Joe? Pretty tacky. But then, not quite as tacky as some celebrity bad-breaker-uppers.

It's tempting to say that Jonas let her down hard—but, well, you know...



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  • madison

    hi honey

  • jonas lover
    jonas lover

    y did they brake up??

  • iris

    im so sad for her too they were sooo=p cute together

  • em

    He broke up with her? I feel so sorry for her

  • herecomesmaddy

    i still think the whole thing was a rumor. joe wouldn't dump a girl over the phone, and if he did, he wouldn't do it so as to, "break her heart." but i still don't believe they ever were even an item. i mean, they take a couple pictures together and they're instantly dating? are tabloids really that desperate?

  • lunagirl

    Vercia I sincerely wanted to finish but not so!

  • sgrandspice

    i cant believe he did that!!!thats just not what i can see joe or any of the jonas brothers doing!

  • nena

    omg no freakinnn wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy