John Mayer and Pete Wentz Have a Man-Date

John Mayer and Pete Wentz Have a Man-Date-photo

Hey-o, what have we here? The first blossoms of a budding bromance?

In one of the more bizarre—if not awkward—celebrity summits in recent memory, Fall Out Boy bassist and Ashlee Simpson husband Pete Wentz dropped by to visit singing pimp John Mayer yesterday.

Yeah, you heard that right. John, currently embedded with Jennifer Aniston, rather famously used to date Simpson sib Jessica.

Pete was toting his guitar and a mysterious, bubble-wrapped package that presumably contained a big box of chocolate-covered cherries.

No doubt the boys had a lot to talk about during their afternoon of male bonding and musicmaking. And the notes they were comparing probably had little to do with the fretboard.



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  • amymarissa

    I guess it makes sense because they're friends and John agreed for the solo for Beat It, but you just don't usually see two guys in Hollywood hanging out that much. And writing about each other on their personal blogs. But whatev.

  • ikkyg

    that pretty cool. not sure pete and john mayer are quite in the same vein of music though...

  • bawwow

    yuck. 2 dbags for the price of 1

  • mynameisearl

    Not I

  • rockinout

    i would give anything to jam with those 2..

  • gossipguy

    his tattoos creep me out!

  • drama4mama

    Bromance. That's awesome.

  • pictureperfect

    They are making too much out of the connection between Pete and Jessica. I didn't even make that connection.

  • rforrumor

    they're both looking mighty shady lookin over their shoulders