John Mayer Range Roves in Jen Aniston's Car

John Mayer Range Roves in Jen Aniston's Car-photo

They've officially become one. After weeks of PDAs and cozy dinners and inner-circle meet-and-greets, John Mayer is now tooling around town in Jennifer Aniston's car.

It's not like he doesn't have any wheels of his own. Okay, well, his Land Rover probably still doesn't have any plates on it, so that's out. And his Technicolor dreamcar? That's way too flashy for everyday use.

So, John opted for a sturdy SUV that serves dual purposes. He can pick up his lady's dry-cleaning AND extend the stream of gossip items that true love is indeed in bloom.

Or at least, true publicity.



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  • ziwie mie
    ziwie mie

    She lets him use long as she can keep him...TERUK Case. Hard Up.

  • ballier88

    lucky bastard

  • notobsessed

    media whore...hes totally milking this

  • theyxxarexxnotxxyou

    He's using his girlfriend's car. Wow that is big news. Next thing you know he's gonna wanna move in with her and get married...crazy kids.

  • mraniston

    thats an ugly color

  • flirtyfabulous

    Now something's gonna happen to her car. He's just followed around by a cloud of bad luck with vehicles.