Johnny Depp Surprises Young Pirates (VIDEO)

Johnny Depp Surprises Young Pirates (VIDEO)-photo

As if Johnny Depp wasn't already considered the coolest movie star in the biz, it's now official. While in the midst of filming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in the UK, he answered a young fan's letter on Thursday by appearing at her London elementary school in full Jack Sparrow dress! Can you say best show and tell ever?

According to The Daily Mail, Johnny popped up at Meridian Primary School after 9-year-old Beatrice Dunlap wrote Captain Jack Sparrow saying she and her school full of "young pirates" needed help staging a mutiny against their teachers.

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While Johnny makes Bea's life by singling her out, he advises against a mutiny and advocates for brushing one's teeth in the heart-warming video below:

What do you make of Johnny's suprise visit? Give him a shout-out in the comments.



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  • Lynn Schock
    Lynn Schock

    Johnny, What a class act you are. You can come to my school any time :)

  • LD

    Well done! It's about time all these other over-blown "celebs" took their cue from Mr. Depp...we are one large human family,each one deserving of respect and dignity. His humility and caring are a wonderful example that more should take up!

  • Scott

    Not only is Johnny Depp talented as an actor and the most versitile actor the world has seen but he has a heart of gold as well. He is one of a kind and a great roll model for kids and adults as well. Keep up the fine work Johnny.

  • Depp Devotee
    Depp Devotee

    A Captain and a gentleman!

  • P Marino
    P Marino

    A wonderful thing to do for the kids. Bravo, Johnny !!!!!!

  • Andrea

    so cool! Johnny Depp is HOT!!

  • Christine

    Johnny- You are not only a gifted actor but you are truly a class act. That is why your fans love you!

  • Candace

    how sweet! My kids would have died for that! this is why Depp is such a star. He's great!

  • Rebecca

    What a guy!!

  • Ellenjo

    Wonderful example of a good man and fine father himself

  • UP4Liberty

    Johnny Depp = Brilliant!

  • rachel

    The biggest movie star in the world and is my idol JOHNNY DEPP;MY LOVE...oh baby you are the one ,the best,tha's why I love you!!!

  • Heidi


  • tony

    That's Jonny Depp

  • Gladys Richards
    Gladys Richards

    I love u Johnny Depp and Iam 70yrs. young!

  • Tina S. Richard
    Tina S. Richard

    How awsome is he for going to the school and surprising her!

  • Tara Robinson Downer
    Tara Robinson Downer

    aww stinkin cute!!!! Johnny Depp is an amazing man!

  • Anita

    awh, Johnny is the best! He won People Choice Awards 10 years in a row and I can see 10 more years- awesome



  • Sandie Everett
    Sandie Everett

    All I can say is Johnny, "Please come to my house in NOT your pirate suit, YOUR BIRTHDAY SUIT!! You are THE man! I love you so much! PEACE! Sandra:) If you only KNEW! :)

  • Kookaburra58

    LOL - kind of met him when I was in London I passed him in the street , was sooo excited !

  • K.Marlowe

    Loved it! Johnny, we teachers at my elementary school might consider a mutiny if you will be our "Captain"!

  • LoveDepp

    So wonderful to hear about a small gesture a great actor has done towards making a happy moment in a child's life. And it doesn't hurt that he is so freakin' cute!


    I am wondering why this young man has never received an academy award. He is brilliant on screen as well and splended off screen. He has such depth as a person and as such, is much admired. Thanks Mr. Depp...for your being you.

  • Earthmother

    We need more actors/people like Johnny Depp.

  • Geeg

    Way to go!!!!!! Thanks for being a regular guy and making a whole school full of students happy. I believe that all "stars" need to pay back to the community. Thank you.

  • Tenika Lowe
    Tenika Lowe

    WOW So hot so sweet so Johnny

  • Kristy

    I think Johnny Depp is just precious. To take time out of his busy schedule to visit this classroom and deliver a valuable message...all the while, entertaining with his humorous character, Capn. Jack Sparrow! Johnny Depp is absolutely one of my favorite actors...and has been for a very long time! Hugs!!!

  • Bonnie Stewart
    Bonnie Stewart

    I think it was great for Johnny Depp to take time out of his busy schedule to make this surprise appearance for the children. It was wonerful of him to even go all out and put on his Captain Jack costume for them as well, and to tell them the importance of brushing their teeth. Bravo Johnny!!!

  • BigJoe

    Depp you are the man! Way to show light unto childrens education! Thank goodness for people like yourself!

  • Linda Landrum
    Linda Landrum

    That is the coolest thing ever. Cool and humble, like his KY roots.

  • Carolyn Yount
    Carolyn Yount

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YA, Johnny, THANKS soooo much for NOT being a SELL-OUT!!! & for staying grounded, I HATE it when people who MAKE IT BIG, weather it's from movies,or wall street, & they just act like they are just to GOOD to even Give us, who are LESS FORTUNATE,the freking time of day!!! :) MANY THANKS,TO YOU!!! ~XOX,~FROM : ANOTHER HUGH FAN!!! *KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! :) ~PEACE & LOVE, TO YOU & YOURS.

  • Jeny

    He is so great..... Way to go!!

  • magda_PL

    of course only Johnny would pull something like that.. that is why he is the best, most original, intelligent, extravagant and brilliant actor there...(a very handsome too!!)!!

  • Fntheb

    Really touched me. Feeling a lot of love for the guy. Plenty of opportunities to see horror inthe world, nice to see a powerful person in showbiz spreading love to children. Made my day too!

  • Toni

    I think it was awesome! For it's nice to know that celebrates realize that our young generation loves there movies and that when they write a fan letter that even though not all but some will get read by them! Johnny Depp is wonderful!!! Love all his movies in our household!!

  • aelman

    you rock

  • JAC

    Can't help but LOVE Johnny!! What a great guy to make that girl feel so special. She'll have a great story to tell her kids and grandkids. He's one of the best stars ever.

  • Majestic

    He has an amazing heart!!!

  • Maureen Monahan
    Maureen Monahan

    If more people were like you the world would be a much better place to live in. Bravo Johny, Bravo!

  • CARI

    now WHERE were YOU when I was in school? bet those kids were thanking their parents for not home-schooling!! lol j/k (nothing against home-school parents, great job!) SO, if I write you a letter, will you come visit ME? i dont go to school anymore, but my room is quite cozy! lol AND PLEASE, BE SURE TO WEAR THE PIRATE GETUP!!!! TWO THUMBS UP JOHNNY, BET YOU MADE THOSE KIDS DAY!

  • martin

    yea! Johnny, thanks for making someone's day.

  • kittenbritches

    Way to go Johnny. I am sure this is one day that little girl will never forget.

  • Lisa

    Johnny is just an all around good guy. He makes movies that his children would enjoy watching, and is happy to give back to other children. Absolutely outstanding person all the way.

  • Mr. Clark
    Mr. Clark

    That's a very nice thing to do Johnny! I'm sure those kids will never forget that day and you now look even bigger in their eyes. If only more celebs would follow your footsteps.

  • jr

    Very cool!

  • Jess

    Goshhh if only there were more guys like him!

  • Cynthia

    Bravo Capt. Sparrow

  • Dayna

    What a class act you are Johnny. You have made so many people happy just with your kindness. God Bless you.

  • robert wolvek
    robert wolvek

    That was cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Way to go Mr. Depp.

  • nancy

    WOW! What a guy!

  • Linda

    He has always been a kind and gentle family man. A good heart and he wears it on the outside for all to see how loving he truly is

  • Monica Adams
    Monica Adams

    My Hero!!!! What a guy!

  • buzz saw
    buzz saw

    You sir are the definition of "Class Act"

  • Sarah

    JOHNNY DEPP I LOVE U!!!!!! that was awesome! that was sooo great of him 2 do that!!!!

  • DHarris

    You are such a great guy! What a wonderful thing to do. I'm sure those kids were star-struck!! Can't wait for Pirates to come out, as I'm sure all of the kids are,lol. Peace and Light to you and yours.

  • PAT


  • leafy

    he's so cool. no wonder everyone loves him.

  • ruby

    Johnny Depp has been given so much in life and he chooses to give back to people, which makes him a truly outstanding person, He took the time to make this Girl's wish come true without trying to get any publicity from it, bless him and his family what an awesome dude!

  • cm tennessee
    cm tennessee

    awesome you are truly blessed with many gifts.. you did a wonderful thing for those children that they will remember always.. thank you for being such a wonderful person ..

  • AProudFan

    Warms my heart, not only to see such a thoughtful act, but also that it was actually represented in the media. Sometimes I think the media has a bad-news-only policy and this was a pleasant change. Well done. :)

  • Evilizabeth

    Bravo, Mr. Depp. Well done.

  • Mousiedoo

    Love Him!!.. Such a great actor, a great character actor at that, he gave those kids a day they'll always remember.

  • George

    my kids love him. He made a movie in Chicago last year, and my kids were always waiting outside to see Captain Jack!!!

  • Veggie76

    Johnny Depp has an amazing heart and it always shines through.....He makes the world a better's the little things :)

  • Tiffany Jones
    Tiffany Jones

    I think you are amazing Johnny ^_^... that girl was so lucky, I would love for the chance to meet you to. XD

  • Shawn

    Johnny Depp has NEVER EVER Forgotten , Where he came from. Famous ? Yes , Rich ? , Probably . But He is Very Grounded. I have always Liked Him. Way to go Johnny , You are a CLASS ACT All The Way !!!

  • whyme

    how refreshing, an actor with his ego in check! how fun for this little girl and her classmates.

  • Ellyssandria

    Bravo! Johnny! Bravo! This story truly made my day both in the sweetness and imagination of young Bea, and also for your classy, warm and wonderful way in handling this situation. It is rare to find someone with such generosity of spirit to take time out of their day to make a child (and her entire class!) smile! Thank you for being such a talented actor, and more importantly, for being such a class act, and having a truly wonderful heart!

  • Pat Reichert-Bouchard
    Pat Reichert-Bouchard

    If she lives to 90, this will be the best of her days. You have created a life long memory, how cool are you :)

  • FreddyBOy

    JD a true definition of UNSELFISHNESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathy Brown
    Kathy Brown

    I've always liked Johnny Depp since 21 Jump Street, but this was his best performance yet! It just goes to show you that there are still some good guys out there in Hollywoodland and he is one of them. Good going Johnny and bless you for making that little girl's day, you are one of the good guys!

  • Linda Maiorana
    Linda Maiorana

    Awesome! To take time from his busy schedule to answer a little girl's letter. Class act - Johnny is the best! A great and talented actor, so diversified in the roles he choses. What can you say but thank you for showing some of the other actors how it is done!!!!

  • catalak

    So cool. I never blog-never post things. I love this. I actually cried a little. Thanks Johnnie - you are the kind of celebrity role model the world needs. Been a fan since the late 80's. Iccobod Crane is another favorite role. Love it sir - keep cool.

  • Holly

    This little girl and her class will never forget this experience with Johnny. What a nice thing for Johnny to do!!

  • liuhujin

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  • allyson langston
    allyson langston

    well done captain! What a true gentleman. . . you are AWESOME !!!!!!

  • Kim

    Bravo! Three cheers, big sloppy pirate kisses to you Johnny (I mean Jack Sparrow!)

  • Howard Preston
    Howard Preston

    I worked with Johnny on a film called cry baby , he was the nicest person i have ever worked with to this day

  • Nancy

    On the other hand, the poor guy will be swamped with mail now (lol)...........but wouldn't be surprised if he still tries to read it all :-)

  • Nancy

    That was SOOOOOO that's an actor who cares about his fans..............he had NOTHING to gain!!!

  • annemarie

    GREAT GOING CAPT. JACK!! That is what makes Johnny Depp special!

  • Taarakian

    Depp is one of the best of our generation. Way to go brother!

  • peggy

    How the way Johnny I need help staging a mutiny in Montana!

  • Frank

    you're a class act, Johnny Depp!! ...a true class act...

  • Steve

    That was great!!! Way to go Johnny!!

  • hammerlix

    Great job... this guy is my new favorite actor!

  • Diane

    I think that he is really cool to make a child happy,wish there were more like him!

  • Carol Vee
    Carol Vee

    Great job Johnny! You gave a little girl a wonderful sweet memory that she will always cherish. You have a big heart and you are so generous to your fans and I'm proud to say that I am one. I'm a mom and a grandmom and I get teased sometimes about my "crush" on my favorite celebrity! But that's okay - I just smile and show them the wonderful news items like this when they appear. Continued success with your amazing career - and promise all of us that you'll never change. xoxo

  • mhw

    What an adorable man you are! A kindness to a child never goes unnoticed! We love you, Mr. Depp!!!!

  • Danielle Hughes
    Danielle Hughes

    LOL totally awesome!!!!

  • sherry

    Your the Best ..I think that is so wonderful what you did .

  • Barbara

    Bravo, Johnny Depp!

  • Buddy

    Well done Mr. Depp. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  • Barb

    Johnny is not like the typical hollywood stars...he doesn't want to be in the spot light and never tried to be a star..he's an actor, with actual talent....I Love him he's a real person... thank you for not a plastic hollywood actor Johnny...that's why you've been with the same partner for all these have class.

  • Maggie

    There is no other like you, Johnny Depp. You are so well-grounded as to who you hat off to you. You are a TRUE BLUE...May you and your family continue to be blessed. Maggie

  • Jaslvgas

    just like johnny! he is class all the way! he sure is ......

  • hellcat

    Outstanding wish that could happen to me he is the coolest ever

  • Frank

    Johnny is the best...

  • Luci

    He's amazingly wonderful!! Absolutely handsome too!!!

  • Donna

    Way Too Cool!!!!!

  • Thunderhawk

    The biggest Movie Star in the world... well done mate

  • Randy G
    Randy G

    Mel! Take a note from Johnny!!! This is how a true Star behaves!!! Absolute Class act Johnny Boy!

  • Tiffany

    What an awesome and wonderful thing to do for a little 9 years old girl! She will never forget the day Capt. Jack Sparrow came to visit her and her school!!! He is so incredibly awesome! And to take time out of his busy schedule to do this just makes it all the more incredible!!

  • Wanton Wench
    Wanton Wench

    Positively lovely man, he is! Head and shoulders above the rest of the Hollywood crowd, to be sure. What a terrific kindness to show those lucky kids :)

  • LindaEileenLewisMostiler

    And BTW I've been a fan of him since I first saw him in the old movie Benny and Joon.

  • kodi
    kodi cute(= i wish he'd come to my school!!!

  • LindaEileenLewisMostiler

    He's one of the more classy actors around in my opinion.

  • Melannie

    Mr. Depp, you ROCK!! Class act!! GOD BLess ya!

  • Molly McFee
    Molly McFee

    Great actor.....great public relations....great with kids. I applaude him for his generosity with his time. Children never forget anyone who shows them kindness. Kudos to Johnny Dep !!!!!! He can stop by my humble abode whenever he wants.

  • cindy


  • gabymore


  • Mikki

    That is what a true 'star' does! Takes time out of his busy schedule and visits a fan. That little girl will have many memories throughout her life, and of all of them, this one will stand out near the top. Well, done Jack! Besides, he's quite a hunk anyway. Hubba hubba hubba.

  • Ev

    OMG he is so totally awesome!!! His kids must adore him!! Those kids have a day to remember forever!! Whatta mensch!!

  • chuck

    super cool move..way to times of cool

  • beenthere42

    What a Guy! He can come to our office in full uniform anytime.

  • Donna Raffield
    Donna Raffield

    What a lovely gesture! I'm sure the kids were very excited..I know I would've been. lol :P

  • JM

    Johnny Depp ROCKS and then some! Many thanks for you being you!

  • Lizzie

    There's this one man that dresses up as Captain Jack in London and he goes and sits on random benches, and apparently it's actually Johnny Depp dressed up as Jack Sparrow.

  • Nick

    coolest actor of all time.

  • Jennifer

    one of the myriad of reasons why we love Johnny so cute did that little girl look when he called her out! Priceless!!

  • Deena Hansen Esteban
    Deena Hansen Esteban

    I hope that Mr. Johnny Depp receives as much happiness and joy in his life as he has given to so many others.

  • Tracy

    I would expect nothing less from Johnny Depp. I'm sure he enjoyed it as much as the kids and teachers! What a wonderful thing to do!

  • smogan41156

    I am 54 years old and Johnny Depp is my hero. This is so cool for those kids, what a class act.

  • Linda Mileto
    Linda Mileto

    That is AWSOME!! :) I love when actors can give "little moments" and turn them into lifetime memories for children. I know it meant so much to them! Nicely get an A+

  • Allison Whaley
    Allison Whaley

    Kudos, Mr. Depp. Thank you!

  • Debra Byers
    Debra Byers

    Only a guy like Johnny who loves kids would do this, He is wonderful!

  • Judy

    That's the kind of beauty that never fades and lives forever! WTG Mr Depp, Deppalicious Dawg!

  • Danaia

    OK - it is official. Johnny Depp is my favorite entertainer. What a wonderful thing to do! Spontaneously and without fanfare! Did you see that little girl? Hear that class? WOW!

  • lisa

    he is one awesome human being with a big heart---beautiful in the inside as well!

  • daizednconphused


  • MaggieO

    I'm 72 years old, and you can drop in any time, Johnny! What a fabulous surprise for this classroom and for all of us reading about it , too. Hope to see you in the near future..........MaggieO

  • jess

    how cute, wtg johnny!

  • Longo


  • paul

    I think that GREAT what a wonderful person to do this for thew childtren :)HEY CAPTAIN COME TO LONG ISLAND NEW YORK!!

  • Karen

    I remember the "21 Jump Street" days, when I was in high school, thought you were great (and hot!!) then, and twenty+++ years later, still great - I have a daughter, and "WOW" what an awesome thing to do!!! This little girl will NEVER forget that day for the rest of her life, she definately will have something to tell her grandchildren someday.

  • Ali Nix
    Ali Nix

    What an amazing person! To go out of your way for a little girl like that just shows how wonderful you are. I'm sure it didn't take up a large part of your day and even if it did, it's far more than others in your genre do for our youth. Thank you for being such a wonderful person!

  • Li Li
    Li Li

    Awwwwwwwww... :-)

  • Gail

    awesome. what a great thing to that little girl will never forget what you did for her.

  • john

    good form johnny!

  • Gale

    Bravo Johnny! The smile on that girls face was priceless! You have shown what alot of actors will not, you can still be human. Don't ever lose that. Kudos.

  • Nikki

    I have always respected Johnny Depp ever since I was younger and I always thought he was hot, And when he takes time out of his busy life to answer the letter of a child I believe is absolutely awesome!! Johnny you are amazing and a real man that every woman wants and every man should be!! Love you Johnny!! :)

  • debb

    What a great guy!!! Just a wonderful man!!!!

  • cathy

    Such a simple ACT that speaks volumes. Smiles all round. You are simply the best. x

  • kuroneko

    truly a remarkable captain...thank you for being a warm human. there is no one quite like you......movies would not be the same without you...:))..........

  • BritishGoon;]

    OMG. Its was awesome i went with my lil bro and got his autograph

  • Kristy

    Just proves why he's bloody brilliant!

  • aldo

    wow that's awesome... i just became a huge depp fan

  • tony

    outstanding and not part of the "Hollywood crowd."

  • Jeanne

    Fabulous absolutely fabulous.

  • Tina Hansen
    Tina Hansen

    I love how humble and super talented Depp is. Just the mere fact that he will surprise a school room full of kids out of the kindness in his heart just proves that he cares about his fans WAY more than most top celebrities today. Well done Captain Jack Sparrow, your new movie is greatly anticipated, and your fans look forward to seeing you dominate once again.

  • Michael Dalton
    Michael Dalton

    All I can say is wow, what a class act- he is a truly amazing individual!

  • Sarah

    BRAVO JD!!! You've just gone up 10 notches in my eyes. That's a man who understands what it means to be a father.

  • Eddie H.
    Eddie H.

    Johhny, you put a huge smile on my face today! Thanks for all the great laughs and setting that bar super high!! She will cherish your visit for the rest of her days,Arrrrr!!! lol

  • Rocco

    What a great man. So caring,and giving. That is one lucky young lady !!!!!!

  • Mary

    Love It! Just Love It! THANK YOU for answering the call and for all you do. I love Jack Sparrow.

  • Alex

    capt you are one of a kind good going

  • ferretmom


  • Roland Knoblauch
    Roland Knoblauch

    Class act....great example taking out time for our youth. Well done Johnny.

  • kebs

    Well Done, Mr. Depp. Bravo!

  • Tadine wells
    Tadine wells

    Well done Caption Jack

  • Sally

    A+ Mr. Depp! This grandmother would love to give you a big old hug of thanks...for your gesture for the little girl AND for the years of entertainment you've given me. I'm still in awe of Chaplinesque Benny's walk over the park bench in Benny and Joon! Love you and wish you and your family the best!!!

  • creativeclassic

    I'm not surprised because my son has experienced the kindness of the Depp name.

  • penlee

    So incredible to reaffirm that there are people out there that provide random acts of kindness with no ulterior motive.

  • debbie saracino
    debbie saracino

    yu are the most kindest & considerate person & actor there is, cute too!

  • Natalie Wilkinson
    Natalie Wilkinson

    WOW. That is so nice of Johnny to do that. He is my favorite actor, not only because of his great talent, but also because of his thoughfulness, and friendlyness off the stage.

  • Sandi Werner
    Sandi Werner

    This story brought a smile to my face, Well done Johnny. That's what it's all about - giving back :)

  • Karen Savage
    Karen Savage

    Most AMAZING pirate EVER, definately one of the good ones! Sending you a hug Johnny!!!

  • lilraven

    What an awesome thing to do! He ROCKS!!!!!!

  • san s
    san s

    What an amazing story. Johnny you're my favorite actor , u show such class and you are an truly the Best Actor ! That girl will always have the memory to live with .

  • capt crow
    capt crow

    tha's a celebrity! take notes all you "flash" wanna be celebs (in the news all the time for drugs and trouble) .very cool J.D.

  • Angie

    In a world full of hate and selfishness ..its so refreshing to read somthing like this! This should inspire everyone to do something nice to someone else. Pass it on! You made my day Johnny!

  • Mark Spinosa
    Mark Spinosa


  • sdrlmom

    No wonder he is so loved. What a terrific thing to do:)

  • schmoogie

    That's why I love Johnny! He's one of the best actors out there!

  • Xai

    That's why I love Johnny!!

  • Debbie Cisneros
    Debbie Cisneros

    How asome. What a kind heart you have Johnny. That's why your loved so much....:)

  • KL

    very well done sir, you are a classy, gifted and talented actor

  • jsilva

    Awww! He's one of my favorite actors! So humble, smart, and hot!

  • Lori

    What a day for that student and school. Way to go Johnny, you are one of a kind!!

  • vicki

    just like johnny! he is class all the way!

  • rd

    well done captain!