The Jolie-Pitts Are a Bunch of Cut-Ups

The Jolie-Pitts Are a Bunch of Cut-Ups-photo

Despite not sharing a gene pool, Angelina Jolie and her adopted seven-year-old son Maddox seem to share certain characteristics—such as a fondness for weaponry.

In the newest, breast-happy issue of W, Jolie reveals that Maddox has developed an appreciation for guns and knives. The proud mama has helped him start a dagger collection as part of a family tradition.

"My mom took me to buy my first daggers when I was 11 or 12," Jolie reveals to the magazine. "And I've already bought Maddox some things. We take him to a special shop."

Jolie adds that the knives she buys for the tot have dulled blades, and that lectures on violence are a part of each purchase. But the two "also talk about samurais and about the idea of defending someone as good. We talk about everything."

It's so nice to see a family forging such solid bonds. And, while having a knife collection in the house probably isn't the wisest idea for a woman in Jolie's alleged condition, she's probably comforted to know that she'll have a new addition to her domestic security team before too long.



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  • Bart Haring
    Bart Haring

    Baby Hank on down low on the dog strut pose......this lttle nigga is just Chilin...about time you got him doing some dam work....does he clean up after the dam dog. as well...I hope so Kendra...cause I dont want to see my little nigga get in any trouble...that funniest shit Ive ever seen..thats great picture....hes like busted... .Halle's kids are cute too... Now this is what going on Im staying at Country side inn in Wichita,Ks .Im trying to reach my moms family the Morgans on my moms side Margery Cornwell. Now Margery and Harriet Morgan are the daughters of of Ruth Cornwell who by the way brougjt up these two girls in Bentonville,Arkansas. Ruth actially babyaitted Sam Walton when he was in diapers when he was a child. This before Ruth moved the girls to Kansas. Margery Cornwell is Bartholomew Cornwelll Haring's mom from Brooklyn,Ny. She adipted Bart when he was an infant. There are three Morgans kids: Kathy, David,Mark and James Morgan is thete father. So tell Miss Kelli Bradley & Co to kiss my butt....the Badboy...always tells it straight.

  • zlai williams
    zlai williams

    Omg is dat baby hank booboo, wow hw big he has become I wonder y we in dis part of d world dnt get recognised even after we send our comments I love u kendra I love booboo n ur man go kendra ur not alone nw

  • Maria

    I love u Kendra and your family so much, little man has grown up so fast.

  • elora

    am elohor 4rm 9ja.kendre i luv ur show n ur baby is cute n handsome

  • Claudia

    Hola kendra soy de mexico y soy tu fan que bonito niño tienes y hacen una bonita familia deberian de tener otro hijo saludos y que esten bien de salud adios.

  • ore

    Hi kendra,please let me say I LOVE U,pls don't get me wrong:I love ur show&ur courage.pls u are to me A GREAT MOM.just work on how to be a BETTER FRIEND to BOTH MEN n ur LIFE not what people from africa(nigeria).regards to ur hubby(HANK)&baby u so much.oh!love ur laughter,my name means FRIEND n my langauge ie ORE.

  • daniel shalewa
    daniel shalewa

    Hi kk,good to see your lil man ȋ̝̊̅§ doing great...good job girl.lots of love from nigeria

  • kristine chileshe
    kristine chileshe

    Cute baby.Love your personality,you make me feel like anything is possible.stay blessed!

  • Eugenia fashima aiyenigba
    Eugenia fashima aiyenigba

    Hi Kendra, little Hank is growin really fast. I thank the Lord for that. Cant wait to see you guys again for the next season. Stay blessed

  • nataliee

    Tokk abt a cute lil man jeez lil hank is jst the one wat a wonderful gift GOD really gave u a perfect gift Kendra en Hank i can only imagine how proud en happy u people re

  • Wendie

    He is absolutely adorable!

  • nessa

    His sooooo cuteeee!!!

  • Vikki

    Hey Doll! I just wanted to say that you have such a beautiful family! I've watched you and your career for ever and I think you've grown into such a strong and beautiful woman and a great mom. Little man is so gorgeous, you and Hank did such a great job with him so far. Looking at little Hank and seeing him so happy is truely a sign of the love you and Hank have for one another, and for little man.keep up the good work, you're a great mom and it shows! He is such a blessing from God, and may he look over you and you're family always...

  • pierre julie
    pierre julie

    Ooooh my god he is getting big so cute baby hank.GOOOOOO KENDRA

  • kathy calkins
    kathy calkins

    You are a great person, live life what brings you! You only live once! So another little one soon? Hank Jr needs a playmate at home.

  • sarah

    I've watched your show from the start and you and hank have an amazing relation ship with all the ups and downs just like a normal couple and that's great to see and baby hank what a cutie and a credit to you both xx.

  • Laura Christian
    Laura Christian

    Awww he soooooo big now, I've watched ur tv show on E! He was still only a bby on there x He's lovely a credit to u both xx

  • reatha

    He is so all grown-up... He was just a lil baby time flies....

  • chali

    Hi kendra,u have beautiful family,always I see you show here in Nvo. Laredo Mexico, good luck always

  • Claudia

    Kendra he looks so grown up and handsome! He should meet my daughter lol

  • noah

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  • reed487candycanne

    i love her as victoria and she's a good actress

  • lissap32

    i think she is good as victoria but no offence she isnt the prettiest but still pretty