Jon Gosselin: Too Famous to Work?

Jon Gosselin: Too Famous to Work?-photo

One might look at Jon Gosselin's spotty employment record and conclude that he's a lazy, shiftless bum.

But no; apparently, the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad has reached such a summit of fame that he's no longer able to seek honest work.

In an affidavit obtained by Radar Online, Gosselin—who's currently embroiled in litigation with cable channel TLC over breach-of-contract claims—says, 

"Now, I find myself unemployed and without the ability to secure non-entertainment related engagements because the enormous Media interest, cameras, reporters and public interest makes it impossible to carry on normal daily activities, let alone find, secure and maintain a job with an employer who is willing to be exposed to the daily Media intrusions that has impeded by life."

Gosselin, who formerly worked in the IT field, is being accused by TLC of setting up paid media appearances in alleged violation of his contract with them. The reality dad is counter-suing the channel for $5,000,000, claiming that TLC is preventing him from making a living.

A preliminary injunction hearing on the matter is scheduled to take place on December 14 in a Maryland court.

Tell us in the comments section: Do you think Jon Gosselin is, indeed, too famous to work?



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  • KC

    Early in October Jon gave an interview to ParentDish. In that interview Jon was asked what he was doing for work. Jon stated he was still building web sites. This "too famous" bs is coming from Heller. Heller once tried to defend a client that shot a police officer by claiming the police officer gave his client "the evil eye". It wont be long and we will have a court ruling on all this Jon & Kate madness

  • Jeanne

    Trust me, soon as the court date is over and a ruling is made, the paps would leave you alone if you'd STOP TALKING TO THEM, and stopped telling them, or having someone ELSE tell them, where you are going to be. Businesses can keep the Paps out, but you can work at home if need be. All you need is a reliable work record, going back past the time you said you had to quit to take care of the kids. You DO have a record of where you worked before all this..right? Or didn't you do anything at all when you came of legal age to hold down a full time job? And plenty of celebrities work other jobs, that are NOT in the entertainment industries. But face it. You look like s**t on a stick in all your photos. Not exactly dressed for success. You seem more inclined to loaf around at parties rather than stay at home with the kids. You like the ladies too, WHILE STILL MARRIED TO YOUR WIFE. You are married until a court says you aren't. What will your kids think of you when they read all the hype that's been broadcast across the internet? What will they say to you when they go out in the world and people mock them because they happen to have a douchbag for a parent? And your little girlfriend will drop you like a hot potato the moment you stop being 'newsworthy'. You're going to be all alone. Forever. If you don't shape up and stop this prima donna garbage. Why not try to be a man? Novel idea huh?

  • Geri Miller
    Geri Miller

    I'm pretty tired of these "man children" complaining about how they "don't have any time for themselves". Er, here's an idea, grow a spine, speak up, don't get married, and don't produce children who need to be supported if you don't want "the hassle" of responsibility! No, John, I don't think you're "too famous" to work, especially if you were able to work from home! Stop blaming all your problems on your ex(after all, there was no shotgun forcing you to marry her), because if you have time to run around wearing clothes 10 years too young, eat out with J-list celebs like Michael Lohan, and date women who are barely old enough to drink, you can work.

  • jeffvond

    He could do Proactive commercials to finally get rid of that acne...

  • Cindy

    I hate to agree to Jon but he could have a point about getting hired. However, don't you think your behavior is a deterent? You should have been "head of your house" years ago, now it is too late. Kate is bearing a huge burden of trying to protect your children from your antics in the public. What are you teaching your boys on how to be a fine upstanding and respected man let alone how to be a great husband and father someday? And it appears that the lessons your girls are learning is that you cannot depend on any man and must do everything for themselves. Come on, man up and grow up finally. Kate was harsh and mean from what we saw on camera, BUT you are the one who allowed that behavior to continue and take control of your marriage and even parenting skills. I wish you luck for the future and pray that you will look to the only one who can fix this. Where is your faith now? What has happened to the christian life and the only Creator you believed in to give you the blessings you and Kate desired so much? Have you taken a step back and looked at the Dugger family? Maybe you need a spiritual mentor to teach you how to be the man God created you to be.

  • GG713

    Jon is a jerk. He needs to grow up. The kids should be first. they did not ask to be here so Jon if you have to get a job at mcDonald's or some place so you can help Kate. About the sex remark, get real. After a women has a child, not alone, her (not yours) body goes though changes sometimes she may be too tired from Daily activities. Like the other commenator said "keep it in your pants and wake up before you alienate the children as well, then where will you be, Children are smarter than ever and they know what's going on even if you refuse to admit it.

  • Jlewis

    This guy is an idiot! There are "famous" people in all kinds of jobs. If you dated someone your own age, took true responsibility for your children, stopped trying to find the one get rich quick scheme that works and lived your life turning off the cameras then I might buy that you are actually intelligent and concerned for your children and soon to be ex-wife. You saw something in her at one time to get married and produce children and if suddenly now you think she is wrong for you then own up to being a father.

  • Sheila

    I do beleive he is a lazy bum, he could still get a internet based job in tech support but he thinks he is too good for that. There are plenty of things he could do if he applied himself and stopped messing around with young women. He is hanging out with women who are not even old enough to be the mother of his kids. He needs to focus on his responsiblities and forget his play time he is a father and a job and his kids is what he needs to put his attention to.

  • man up
    man up

    In one of Jon's interviews about new girlfriends, he whined "I'm only 33" - his kids made his money but when he wanted to "cut loose" as he put it, he got caught. Jon, man up, you didn't want reality tv, then you turned it that it wasn't good for kids - get a job, pay child support - you should have thought about all this before you messed up everyone's life including your kids and Kate's

  • jeffvond

    C'mon Jon, throw on a G-string and shake your money maker!

  • Really?

    Watch out, Jon. TLC is enraged that you derailed the money train when you wouldn't let them continue to exploit his kids. They will do anything they can to destroy you, and they've already started. They have a lot of money and they have significant media connections (like, so don't believe everything you read. Have you not been paying attention? Jon was more than happy to exploit his kids when it was beneficial to him (fame and money). He could've stopped the exploitation of his kids by not letting it start so quit putting him up as a martyr.

  • Really?

    Businesses can bar paparazzi from the premises, so it wouldn't affect his work. The real reason they wouldn't hire him is he would spend the time smoking, texting, and tapping unattractive chubby chasers seeking 15 min of fame.

  • Bill

    Watch out, Jon. TLC is enraged that you derailed the money train when you wouldn't let them continue to exploit his kids. They will do anything they can to destroy you, and they've already started. They have a lot of money and they have significant media connections (like, so don't believe everything you read.

  • Jackie

    Sorry, celebuzz, I agree with Jon. No employer would want to hire him (even if he was otherwise qualified) because it would mean that guys like you woudl be staking out their business in oroder to snap a picture and trash the business in your write-up.